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The Holiday Season Event for All Ages Returns

For Eighth Year

The Gloucester Stage Youth Acting Workshops proudly present Holiday Delights on December 9, December 10 and December 11 at Gloucester Stage Company, 267 East Main Street, Gloucester. Holiday Delights features a cast of over 40 young people ranging in age from 6 to 16, all students in Gloucester Stage Youth Acting Workshops. This family holiday event marks the eighth time in Gloucester Stage history that a production has featured a cast of student actors from the Gloucester Stage Youth Acting Workshop Program. First produced in 2007, Holiday Delights has become an audience favorite and Cape Ann holiday tradition. Conceived and directed by Gloucester Stage YAW Director and teacher Heidi Dallin, Holiday Delights is a festive evening of stories, songs, and dance recounting the special traditions that other cultures and families experience as seen through one young girl’s magical journey on Christmas Eve to discover what is really important during the holiday season. Holiday Delights performance times are 7:30 pm onDecember 9 and 2 pm on December 10 and 11. Ticket prices are $15 for Adults; $12 for Senior Citizens, $8 for Students and $6 for Children under 12. For tickets and further information, call 978-281-4433 or

The 2016 edition of Holiday Delights features the journey of Meagan, a young girl who discovers the spirit and the joys of the holiday season as she faces the unhappy prospect of leaving her beloved hometown of Gloucester and moving with her family to a new home in Michigan. Meagan’s special Christmas Eve journey helps her to realize and appreciate the importance of her family and friends as well as her own special holiday traditions. During her Christmas Eve travels with Mrs. Claus and the elves, she celebrates Hanukkah, travels back in time to turn of the century Gloucester to see her Italian-Irish ancestors celebrate the holidays, meets famous characters including The Cratchit Family and the young Ebenezer and Fan Scrooge from Charles Dickens’A Christmas Carol, and new to this year’s show. Cindy Lou Who, The Grinch and the residents of Whoville, and Charlie Brown and his friends.

All Photos by Gary Ng


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Thanks to the wonderful folks at Wolf Hill for their always super helpful assistance. Don’t you love that right here on Cape Ann we have simply the best holiday hot spot for all your decorating needs. I am constantly comparing prices for my client’s benefit and when you are purchasing greens by the carload it pays to shop wisely. Hands down, not only does Wolf Hill provide the very best customer service, but their holiday decor prices consistently beat out big box stores such as Home Depot.

Thank you, especially today, for help from Dave, Collin, and Jackie. 

Wolf Hill has expanded their hours during the holiday season beginning Friday, December 2nd:

Monday through Thursday from 8am to 8pm

Friday and Saturday from 8am to 9pm

Sunday from 9am to 8pm

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Wolf Hill poinsettias ©Kim Smith 2014

Looking for Katie

We’re joining the search for Katie, the bloodhound, who has been missing since running off Singing Beach yesterday morning!! She was spotted at 450 Summer Street and University Lane in Manchester this morning. She was on the road going toward Magnolia. The person who spotted her tried to get her, but she darted up into the neighborhood. Please keep an eye out for her and it can’t be stressed enough: don’t chase her!! She’s friendly but shy. Simply call (978) 578-9757 or call the police and report where you saw her. We believe she might be heading into Gloucester, but would ask all of Cape Ann to keep an eye out. Please share, and thank you for your help!

Kate and I are Cazeault Solar 125th Install! 

Call Tim Sanborn from Cazeault Solar to find out how you can help the environment and be cash flow positive right off the bat with Solar. Total no-brainer, and Tim’s company makes it look natural on your home.
(774) 228-3411

Here’s our slick control panel-32 out of 32 panels firing away! 

The Art of David Arsenault Gallery is Moving to a New Location on Dock Square!

We’re on the Move in Rockport in December!


After 2 great years on Bearskin Neck, The Art of David Arsenault Gallery will be moving! Pictured is our new location at 8 Dock Square—the blue building, right in the middle of downtown Rockport!

How soon, you ask? We’ll be getting right to work and our goal is to be open by Thursday, December 1st! Shop Rockport Night is the next day, Friday, December 2nd. And we’re aiming for a Grand Re-Opening Party the following weekend on Saturday, December 10t —in conjunction with Rockport’s Christmas Stroll.

During the month of December, don’t be surprised to see Sue at 26 Bearskin Neck AND me at 8 Dock Square—simultaneously!

With our pending move and the approaching holidays, this is the PERFECT time to make an offer on a painting. And keep in mind that shipping is FREE in November for all original oil paintings and canvas giclées priced at $100 or more. Visit us in person or online here!

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The One Hour at a Time Gang Saturday’s clean up


Hi kids:

Hope everyone is doing well. On Saturday we should do again Magnolia Avenue especially near the bridge. We can meet at Klondelin Road.

Thanks and take care


When:                  Saturday, December 3, 2016

Where:                 Magnolia Avenue, near Klondelin Road

Time:                    8:00 – 9:00


I will have bags and please bring gloves and if you have any pickers.


Take care kids


An Interactive Workshop with Jo Demetra at Lexicon Gallery
Preview Show: Friday Dec 2, 5-7pm
Workshop: Saturday Dec 3, 11:30am-1pm
Trunk Show: Saturday Dec 3, 11am-4pm
• Have you ever wondered why some people look so fabulous all the time?
• When you put on the same thing it just doesn’t work?
• It is not because you are not tall enough, thin enough or young enough
• It is because it is not RIGHT for YOU, but there is a lot that is!
Jo Demetra has spent her life making things beautiful, working 40 years in the fashion industry as a designer, merchandiser, product developer, personal stylist, contract negotiator, interior decorator, spatial designer and planner. Now she focuses on designing and making jewelry, as a personal stylist and product based business consultant. She was awarded the Isobe Sinesi Lifetime Achievement Award in Fashion from The School of Fashion Design in Boston.


This 1-1/2 hour workshop will address:

Why do you buy jewelry?

Metals and their finishes – gold, silver, copper, antique gold & antique silver.

How these metal colors work with your ‘CORE’ colors – hair, skin and eyes.

Tricks of the trade – creating illusions!

And my favorite, the companion that we all have – The Inner Critic

For your shopping pleasure, mimosas and nibbles will be served.

Complimentary personal shopping.

Your $20 registration fee will be credited towards your purchase of $80 or more.

Here’s to you looking your best!
Jo & Seyrel

Get more information

Register Now!

I can’t make it

All ceramics and paintings at Lexicon Gallery, December 2-3, 2016. Jewelry excluded.

Seyrel Williams
Lexicon Gallery & Studios


But we Never Saw a Tick!

Last night, at 6:00 Kim Smith posted an important blog post entitled, “Rare Tickborne Diseases Arrive on Cape Ann.”  I read it right away and, when doing so, realized that I never shared our experience with Lyme disease this summer….which I had intended to do.

Kim’s post is incredibly informative and important as, in my experience, Lyme disease and other tick borne illnesses are either misdiagnosed or left undiagnosed because, in the absence of seeing a tick or discovering a bite, the person determines they are simply run down or sick with a cold or flu.  Kim’s experiences give proof to that as well.

Read Kim’s entire post about her experiences HERE

Back in July, Thatcher woke up in the middle of the night on a Tuesday evening complaining about knee pain. He had no other symptoms and told me that he had knocked it on the side of the boat while out sailing. Just a few minutes later was sound asleep again, so I didn’t give it much thought.

The very next evening, he woke up in pain again.  Even though he was on the brink of tears, which is mostly uncharacteristic of him, he still demonstrated no other symptoms, so I naively figured it was due to the fact that he had gone paddle boarding for several hours (against the current in Jones Creek and the Annisquam River) and then gone to a 2-hour hockey practice.  The next morning he was totally fine.

Later that day, at Finn’s hockey practice, a friend looked at Thatch and asked, “Why are you limping?”  Thatcher answered, “I don’t know, my knee just kind of hurts.”  It was at that point that my mind began to race a bit but, seeing that I was getting worried, he assured me that it “wasn’t bad.” He was in perfect spirits and, otherwise, a pillar of health.  That evening he slept soundly.

Friday morning, even though he hadn’t complained of any pain during the night,  Thatcher’s knee looked a little swollen.  He had no fever and when pressed to think extra hard on the matter, he couldn’t remember any significant injury to it. As I replayed our week in my mind, he had indeed paddle boarded, skated, gone on long bike rides, sailed in his little opti, jumped off the Annisquam Bridge, played street hockey, taken the dogs for walks, and more. During any one of those activities, he could have slightly twisted it or banged it enough to cause swelling.  I wrestled with whether or not to go right to the doctor.  I considered the conversation we would have, the lack of all other symptoms, and the amount of physical activity Thatch had participated in,  and figured there wasn’t much the doctor could/would do. I figured we’d watch it and make sure no fever arose. The day progressed without much incident, but suddenly, almost out of nowhere, Thatcher’s knee was huge.

I called the doctor and they asked if there was a fever.  No, there wasn’t.  They asked if there were other symptoms, there weren’t.  They asked if it was hot to the touch….not at all.  The doctor’s office was closing so we made an appointment for 8:00 a.m. the next day.  They told me that if his knee began to feel hot or if Thatcher presented with a fever we should immediately go to the ER.  Neither of those things happened.

The next morning, however, Thatcher’s knee looked like this!

To avoid making an already incredibly long story longer….I’ll cut to the chase.  The doctor asked lots of questions….and they took lots of blood.  They sent us to the ER for x-rays to rule out drama or injury.  The x-rays showed no injury….which Thatch was thrilled about because, being young and naive to the other possibilities, he was relieved that he could still play hockey.  I, while not necessarily wanting it to be a bad injury, was more concerned with what the blood work would show.  A long three days went by until, finally, on Tuesday morning the doctor called back with the results.  Lyme disease.

By then, with lots of ice, wrapping, and resting (except for a trip to a Red Sox game) the swelling had gone down some.  Thatcher immediately began Doxycycline, and with the exception of extreme sensitivity to the sun, a pretty bad sunburn, and a really wonky issue with his fingernails and toenails growing super thin, turning white, and falling off (yes, yuck) he was on the mend.

Moral of the story is this….  NO tick was found, no bullseye or rash was ever seen, no fever ever presented, no other symptoms at all other than a sore knee that suddenly exploded into a massive swollen joint.  While, in retrospect, it seems obvious that we should have gone to the doctor earlier, it was all too easy to assume that such an active kid had simply overdone it!  I consider myself incredibly lucky that Thatcher’s knee blew up to the point that it could no longer be ignored!  With zero other symptoms it was solely because of the enormity of his knee that we knew it had to be “something”…otherwise we probably would have just continued with life as normal.  If it had been left untreated, things could have become much, much worse.

My little public service message to you remember that sometimes (often) you won’t even know you were bitten….but, in this neck of the woods, don’t allow yourself to not be tested.

Thatch did a four week regimen of the Doxy and is now totally fine….his unfortunate, crazy sunburn healed and his fingernails and toenails are almost back to normal.

Cape Ann TV Lunch and Learn: Tricky Lighting Situations

Cape Ann TV’s Lunch & Learn Series continues on Wednesday, December 7 at 12 Noon with “Tricky Lighting Situations”.  Presentation and demonstration by Ted Reed, professional video producer.

One of the more challenging things to shoot video of is a meeting presentation. Usually, the speaker is at a podium and referring to a slide show projected on a screen or displayed on a video screen, and the existing lighting is far from optimal.

Dealing with different color temperatures and big exposure variations are just some of the problems—and what if you only have one light? We’ll examine and work out a solution for these and other tricky situations at our next Lunch and Learn atnoon on Wednesday December 7th at the Cape Ann TV studio. (38 Blackburn Center, Gloucester)

Space is limited for this event; please RSVP to to reserve your spot.

Harbor Goods/ Life Is Good Store Set To Close Sale Starts Wednesday 

We are so thankful and grateful to all of our wonderful customers who have supported our little shop for the past 12 years.  Unfortunately, we have made the very difficult decision to CLOSE OUR DOORS at the end of our lease on December 31st.   

It’s been a great adventure and we can never thank you enough for the friendship and support you have shown us over the years.

So – let’s save you some dough on your holiday shopping.     Starting Wednesday, November 30 we’ll be 20% off all adult tees and 30% off the rest of the store with even bigger discounts in the Sale Corner. 

**Please note – No adjustments to prior purchases, sales are final sale, no refunds, no store credit