GloucesterCast 210 With The Cast Of Holiday Delights,Heidi Dallin, Karen Pischke, Ed Collard, Rebecca “Bex” Borden and Host Joey C



GloucesterCast 210 With The Cast Of Holiday Delights,Heidi Dallin,  Karen Pischke, Ed Collard, Rebecca “Bex” Borden and Host Joey C


Topics include:

Holiday Delights December 9,10,11th Get your tickets at
Friday Dec 16th Fundraiser for Gloucester Stage a Child’s Christmas In Wales with Lindsay Crouse and Christopher Lydon
Ed Collard’s Birthday Today, Nichole Schrafft’s Birthday Yesterday
Chuck Shewbridge Stickers
CD Calendars
New GMG Logo
Rebecca Borden Mini Lobster Trap wreaths and Ornaments On FB capeannhandywoman
10th Anniversary Fish Tales
Ladies Night December 1st
Lobster Trap tree was being built yesterday
Gloucester Tease On Facebook

This being a papa and Nonnie is the best

We had the kiddos for the weekend..  What fun we had with them.  From going to Toodeloos, Premier Imprints, The Enchanted Village, ice skating at the Enchanted Village, watching Finding Dory and just hanging out.  Lots of laughter and love.

november-26-2016-maddie-enjoying-the-lights november-26-2016-avery-looking-at-the-lights november-26-2016-smiling-avery november-26-2016-cole-the-magician november-26-2016-on-the-buoy-at-st-peter-square november-26-2016-owen-and-nonnie-on-ice november-26-2016-nonnie-and-avery-skating

Potato Volcanos On The @WeberGrills Performer

Here’s the play by play recipe at

Northeast BBQ

First wrapped the russet potatos in tin foil and tossed them right on the hot lump charcoal.
After 10 minutes flip the potatos on the other side and let them go for another 10.  Once the potatos are done, unwrap them and put them to the side and put a little char on your core and seeded jalepenos.


Next cut a flat bottom off your baked potatos and then cut a criss-crossed section off the top which is the entry point for hollowing the potatos out.


Next insert your charred jalapenos into the hollowed out baked potato.


Stuff a stick of your favorite cheese in the jalapeno. You can use whatever cheese you like.

I chose cheddar sticks but you can use shredded too or even cream cheese.

then wrap with bacon starting with the bottom and stretching the bacon a bit to help it stick as you wrap.  You…

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May Stevens: green pond Gloucester


I shot this photo on October 3rd.  I was thinking about artists and the color green; mostly the essential May Stevens (American artist, exquisite painter, writer, activist) and some Gerhard Richter (German artist); natural abstraction and reflections. I thought about the blue on the ducks after reading a November 3 post from Martin Ray’s enjoyable blog Notes from Halibut Point: Birds of the Quarry, 3- The Mallard