The CD Case Calendars Are In! If You Ordered For Local Pick Up I’ll Have Them At The Dock Tomorrow Also A Handful of The New Caps

I’ll be at the dock between 4AM-8:30AM and 9:30AM- 12PM for pick up.

Captain Joe and Sons Lobster Dock

95 East Main St

Gloucester MA


Link to Purchase CD Case Calendar Here-

Click Here To Purchase A CD Case Calendar

There are 8 CD Case Calendars Left if anyone wants to buy them this is your chance. I won’t be ordering any more for this season.

I also only had a handful of the New GMG Logo Pro Mesh Navy Caps.  If you want to purchase one of those I’ll have some at the dock tomorrow as well or shoot me a message and I’ll put one aside for you while they last.

The lovely Kate modeling the new GMG No Compromise Cap.

This Is What the CD Case Calendar Looks Like-

Click to play video which shows exactly what the 2017 GMG CD Case Calendar looks like-


Click Here To Purchase A CD Case Calendar

Cyber Monday Deal- ThermoPro TP12 Digital Wireless Remote Kitchen Cooking Food Meat Thermometer/Timer with Dual Probe for Oven Grill Smoker BBQ, 300 Feet Range



This is an awesome deal on a remote long range wireless thermometer like the one I use and paid twice as much for!

Knowing your meat temp is absolutely critical for BBQ or cooking success. 10 degrees over or under and it’s not even close to being as good as it can be.


Here’s the link to buy it for $39.99 which is way less than the $69.99 I paid for it.




monarch-butterfly-gloucester-ma-2-copyright-kim-smithAmerica’s growing demand for avocados is fueling the deforestation of central Mexico’s forests. Avocado trees grow at the same altitude as do the sacred oyamel fir forests in the mountains of Michoacán, the only state in Mexico permitted to grow the fruit.

The Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, the Monarch’s unique winter habitat, is located in Michoacán and the state of Mexico. The area of deforestation is beginning to encroach on the butterfly’s sanctuary. Unfortunately the region is one of desperate poverty and avocado farming is extremely lucrative. Additionally, the avocado trees and chemicals used to maintain the farms are putting a tremendous strain on the crystalline mountain waters on which people, the butterflies, and myriad species of wildlife depend.

For more information, see links below:



‘MANCHESTER BY THE SEA’ opening this week at Gloucester Cinema

manchesterbytheseapic.jpegSUCCESS!!  Gloucester Cinema, 74 Essex Ave, Gloucester will be showing the locally made movie MANCHESTER BY THE SEA this week.  “This movie has had a slow and limited release to the theaters across the United States, and until now Boston was the nearest theater playing it.” stated theater owner John Williams.

Gloucester’s first show will be on Thursday, December 1 at 7 p.m.  On Friday and over the weekend matinees will start at 10 a.m. for MANCHESTER BY THE SEA, in addition to the regular show times.  On Monday, December 5 thru Thursday, December 8 there will be shows beginning at noon for those who cannot make it over the weekend or want to see it a second time.  “It’s not unusual for folks to get confused about what time or day a show will run” commented John so he is advising folks to check the website — — or call the theater’s recording 978-283-9188 for the most up-to-date information.

“I am so excited we are getting MANCHESTER BY THE SEA.  I am thankful that Director Kenneth Lonegran wanted to help us give local folks a chance to see his newest movie that was filmed in their home town.”  Residents of the Cape Ann area will be thrilled to see the film at a theater much closer to home.  It is a great way to get a group of family, friends and neighbors together to enjoy a story that features Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams in a local and well known backdrop.  It has fantastic reviews, and it is expected to be nominated for several awards during the awards season.

Gloucester Cinema is easy to find on Route 133, Exit 14 off 128.  It is handicap accessible with lots of free parking very close to the front door. While supplies last, there are small movie posters and postcards for those who purchase tickets at the theater.  For large group reservations or questions, please call John directly at 781-724-5368.

Sunken treasure recovered.  An old #schooner Rudder housing.  Brought up off #GloucesterMA Harbor

This is called a Gudgeon, it attaches to the wooden rudder and attaches through the hole to the pintle.

Brought in by Toby Burnham Aboard The Jupiter II

To get an idea where this would reside on a Schooner or Brig check out our friend Tugster‘s Post here-

Most Restless

Vessel designer Gerald de Weerdt here takes measurements today to attach rudder to hull via pintles and gudgeons.


and this from-


WWII Historian and Shipwreck Researcher

The 158 ton brig Union would have been very similar to this one. This is the 162 ton, 90 feet long, wooden brig Annie Brown, which trading around South Australia from 1875. Source: p. 136 of “Sail in the South” by Ronald Parsons, Wellington, AH & Aw Reed, 1975

Brampton Pintle

A bronze pintle with three through bolts from the 1823 wreck of the 432 ton sailing ship Brampton. The item was recovered by Kelly Tarlton from the wreck site in the Bay of Islands. This item was sold at Webb’s auction no. 862 in November 2002. Note as photographed the pintle is upside down. The Waimahana Bay trademe pintle did not have through bolts but was fastened by rudder nails and lag bolts instead.

More Reading about Gudgeon and Pintles- whats interesting here is this one from


One of the rudder gudgeons raised from the site, MM-3-31-2-1 (illustrated) accords with the dimensions for lower pintle diameter (2 1/2 inch) given in the Lloyd's Survey Report.(Drawn by: Geoff Hewitt)

 A Snow Brig. The Mountain Maid was a strongly built wooden snow brig. She had two square rigged masts and a smaller sail called a spanker, behind the main mast.
A Snow Brig. The Mountain Maid was a strongly built wooden snow brig. She had two square rigged masts and a smaller sail called a spanker, behind the main mast.
(Based on a line drawing from Ships Rigs & Rigging, H. A. Underhill. Nautical Press, Glasgow. Colorised by EFL.)

So I contacted my friend Will (Tugster) and he had a more intriguing information and photos to add to this-

Hi Joey–

Wow!  My filing system works, and I located these photos about 5 minutes after I started looking.

The story is this:  after a storm in spring (?) 1988, Mike Magnifico–then manager of Salisbury Beach State Reservation/Beach saw this as he was surveying beach erosion.  He thought–he said later–those were gold, and the color is not exactly true in the photos.  He called the Newburyport Maritime Museum, who called me, because I was Mr. Shipwreck before I was Tugster.  I wet to Salisbury Beach, took the photos.  A friend is standing in photo 1 to show scale.

I pursued it a while;  a maritime archeologist up at Plymouth State (NH) looked it over carefully and declared the pintles made of  “yellow metal” but further identification would likely not be possible.  Last I knew, almost 30 years ago, Salisbury Beach Reservation kept them rather than donate to the N Maritime Museum.

Exciting.  Feel free to post on GMG any text and photos.


When you coming down to NYC?


It’s the little adventures in life

We’ve been heading up to the North Conway, NH area with the kids for many years and each year it wouldn’t be a family trip if we didn’t stop to see if there was Strawberry Jam in the Shartner Farms “drive-up” window at the end of West Side Road.   Some years we’d go 2 or 3 times because the box would be empty….not that we HAD to have the jam, but it was more the thrill of the chase for the kids (ok…I even stop when the kids aren’t around lol!).   Even this weekend when we were up there with all the “adult” kids in tow we had to stop and check and see if there was jam in the box.   It’s all done on the “honor” system and you put your money in the slot and take your jar of jam.    So next time you are up there and want some strawberry goodness in a jar… or just a little adventure…stop by!


Lost keys

Hi…I’m new in town..and am loving it..but yesterday went to the Y and took my sons car cuz he blocked me in and lost his keys on Middle St between the Gloucester bank and they Y. Luckily I had his spare key at home but his dorm key was on it and his college charges $250 for a rekey fee. Would it be possible to post on your website to see if anyone has found the keys please? It was 3 keys, his Toyota key and 2 others. I checked the Y and police station with no luck. I love your fb page and the info that you put out. I just moved here Oct 1st and everyone says to check out GMG for news and events. Below is my email and phone nbr. You can use both.

Beverly Tree Farm

Are the trees getting shorter….or are my boys getting taller?

Last Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, marked the 7th year in a row that we have driven to the Beverly Tree Farm….Christmas carols cranking…. in search of our perfect tree. Some years we are in search of big….some years small.  Some years we go in search of super full….some years extra tall.

What doesn’t change is how excited we are to enter the Bertolon Family’s gorgeous red barn house to sit by the fire, drink some cider, share some cookies, flip through the “Naughty and Nice” book, inevitably bump into some friends, and head out into the designated field in search of the tree that speaks to us.

Some years it has been unseasonably warm…and a couple of times there has been some snow on the ground.  No matter what the weather, we always leave the farm….tree strapped securely to the roof of the car…full of holiday cheer and ready to kick off the Christmas season.

It means so much to me to know that the boys will look back fondly on traditions like this one as they grow older and will hopefully continue them with their own families.  Maybe they’ll let me tag along.

I want to thank the Bertolon family and all of the wonderful staff who, while conscious of it or not, are helping to make memories for countless families each holiday season.

I got such a kick out of looking back through photos of our “Tree Cutting Days” last night and seeing how the boys have grown each year. I look forward to many more years of tree hunting and the memories that they will bring.

I hope that you all find the perfect one of whatever it is that makes your holiday season so special and that happy memory making awaits you and your loved ones this season.

Learn more about THE BEVERLY TREE FARM Here

Sawyer Free Library: week of Nov 27, 2016


~~The library will open at 10 am on Thursday December 1 in order to have a full staff meeting.

Teen Sphero Challenge!


What’s a Sphero? It’s a sphere shaped app-enabled robot that you navigate by using basic programming.  The teen department has 2 Spheros – come on December 2 and 9  (Firdays) at 3pm to navigate mazes, including ramps and other neat challenges!

Middle Street Walk is coming – save the date!


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