Back To The Future

Common wisdom is that film photography is dead. Don’t believe it. An increasing number of enthusiasts (also many pros) are using old film cameras to supplement their digital camera arsenals. Instead of getting that “film quality”through digital adjustments, they opt instead for the real thing.

Is this a trend? Well Fuji and other manufacturers are producing “instant”cameras that, like the old Polaroids, produce an instant film print. In addition, 35mm film is readily available through dozens of online sites and processing services are easily found that will develop and print your film and either make the images available to download or provide them on disk, so that if the siren call of PhotoShop is irresistible, you can edit to your heart’s content.

What about cameras? I got rid of my film cameras about 10 years ago, but some of the old classics are available online. I found this nifty little Olympus 35 RC on Ebay. A $60 bid brought it home. Produced through the 1970s,the camera has a classic double image rangefinder and focus ring, can be operated either manually or in shutter priority and is solidly built of all metal. The exposure needle is battery powered, but the camera is fully mechanical, so that if the battery dies, you can approximate the exposure (or use a light meter or other camera to provide the correct exposure) and shoot away. No menus, no 400 page instruction manual, and no bewildering array of settings and controls. This particular camera carries a f2.8, 42mm lens which is the “correct” focal length for 35 mm photography.

Having said all that, I have no intention of exclusively (or even mostly)shooting film. I’m now too accustomed to my digital cameras and workflow. But this quiet little beauty calls out for some street shooting on the Boulevard.



Do you Want to be the Best you Can be?

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Cape Ann Wellness

Then commit better habits. An hour of writing every day. A morning walk. Volunteering. 20 laps in a pool 3 nights a week. It doesn’t really matter what it is so long as it is something that positively enriches you and you can make a practice of.

Over 50 people from Cape Ann and some from much further away on the North Shore just committed to 40 Days to Personal Revolution.

It was certainly powerful and you should see if it’s something for you.

One of the biggest takeaways was how empowered people feel when they start their mornings on a yoga mat.


By doing yoga in the morning, you’re ensuring that whatever successes and failures you go on to have during the rest of the day, you’ve at least given yourself the opportunity to start the day with your best foot forward.

We want to be the best yoga studio we can be. The stronger…

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Some mornings are worth getting up early for…

Sunrise yesterday was looking to be very blah…the clouds were behind us and there wasn’t much color on the horizon.   My friend Helen and I decided to hang out a few more minutes to see if the clouds would make it overhead in time for the sun to rise Just about when the sun hit the horizon the clouds were in good position and the skies burst into a flash of color and just as quickly it was gone.   Glad we waited!dscf5567-edit