GloucesterCast 207 with Jeff and Cindy Beck, Rich Bean, Eoin Vincent, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 11/6/16

GloucesterCast 207 with Jeff and Cindy Beck, Rich Bean, Eoin Vincent, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 11/6/16


Topics Include:

Vote and Vax Flu Clinic 11/8

This Election Day, November 8th, at the Gloucester High School polling site, you can also receive your annual flu shot. Clinic times are 7 AM to 10 AM and 4 PM to 8 PM.

This clinic is open to the public. Please bring your health insurance cards.

For more information, contact Public Health Nurse, Kelley Ries, at 978-325-5266.

Sassy Eco Bags made out of Upcycled coffee bags

Check out Susan O’Leary’s site here-

Buy Hannah Kimberley’s new Book about Annie Smith Peck Here

Eoin Vincent show At RAA Opens 12th and runs 12-23 Circadian Transparency

Preparing your Garden for Winter

Nov 12th event and reading at Strawberry Banke –

Bold Move From Apple Not Including An SD Card Slot In New Macbooks

Great Cormorant at Niles Pond

Biggest Supermoon in 70 Years since 1948 November 14th

Jerry Greely 76 years young invited to South Korea

Bacon and venison


One image from Eoin Vincent’s Show



Basking Harbor Seals dotting the rocks all around Brace Cove during sunrises this past week. The funny thing is watching them battle for top dog spot. When standing on the Niles Pond/Brace Cove causeway you are close enough to hear their quite audible grunting and snorting. Click photos to enlarge to get a closer look. 



When should the Holiday music start?


Ok, so the age old question “when do you start  listening to Holiday music?” (Do you like how PC I am right now?)

I know lots of people have the rule of thumb not putting up the tree until day after Thanksgiving but his music really in that same category?

I think today may be the day for me!

Art at Peabody Essex Museum: Hasten to Hassam! Last day

American Impressionist: Childe Hassam and the Isle of Shoals at the Peabody Essex Museum closes today. It’s one of the best exhibitions I saw this year. Go  — there’s still time today. You will come nearly as close as any observer can to feeling the rapturous meeting of an artist’s take with the shimmering world.

Hassam’s paintings don’t reproduce well in books, or photography. They need to be addressed– sized up, walked towards. Inhaled.





This approach is beneficial even if you study just one. But my, what luxury seeing so many in one place at one time.  Again and again, the show brought forth connections and insight.”Funny, I hadn’t seen that before,” I found myself thinking. Artists Howard Hodgkin and Lucian Freud came to mind.



The exhibition features more than 40 Hassam oil paintings and watercolors of the eastern seaboard dating from the late 1880s to 1912–an Isle of Shoals painting reunion, with secrets revealed. The Peabody Essex Museum and the North Carolina Museum of Art co-organized and partnered with marine scientists at Shoals Marine Laboratory, Cornell University, and the University of New Hampshire. Their new research examined all the sites on the island, and Hassam’s painting process. I liked the research, the pacing of the installation, and the thoughtful viewshed. Besides the two museums, loans came from near and mostly far such as: private collections from coast to coast (which I’d never see);  the Portland Museum of Art; Kemper Art Museum at Washington University in St. Louis; Yale (Sinclair Lewis gifted that one to Yale!); Wichita Art Museum; Toledo Museum of Art; Smith; Smithsonian; and the National Gallery of Art. Basically all painting is abstraction: I relished the chance to study so many in one spot.

I was not a fan of the piped in sound, nor all the wall paint choices as my senses were already acutely challenged by observation. My disdain for the canned ambient sound was so distracting, I had to leave. On my second visit, the scent of coconut wafted out the entrance. My goodness, have they piped in fake scent like a boutique hotel or experiential attraction, too? They hadn’t. It was my overreaction in the wake of another visitor’s adornment, a lingering fragrance, perhaps sunscreen on a summer day.

Tucked away within the Hassam exhibit was a good photo installation of Alexandra de Steiguer’s work as the Isles winter keeper– for 19 years! For anyone who wondered more about life as a keeper after reading The Light Between Oceans, de Steiguer wrote about her real experiences here, It’s beautiful!


More photos of the Hassam installation at the Peabody Essex Museum Continue reading “Art at Peabody Essex Museum: Hasten to Hassam! Last day”

Venison Marinated in Spiedie Sauce with Onion Stuffed With Bacon and Bacon Fat Coated Smashed Potatos On The @WeberGrills Kettle

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Northeast BBQ

We’re going to tape a podcast this morning and I’ve had venison steaks marinating in Spiedie sauce for two days.  I figure since the deer meat is so lean we gotta add some fat in there somehow.  Good friends Eric Lorden and Craig Kimberley home smoked some bacon earlier in the week so what the hell, let’s mash this shit up and see how it come out.

I made a little foil tray and sliced up some bacon which I’ll use a couple different ways.

First core out the top of an onion, make some slits inside and stuff some bacon in the top.  Next slice up some more bacon and let it render some of that fat to put on the venison that Ian Fulford brought.

After cooking the onion bacon and smashed potatos using indirect high heat for about a half hour we take the lid off and…

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Cape Ann Community Bulletin Board Listings For 11/6/16


Welcome To Cape Ann Community Bulletin Board

Joey C ~

A place where non-profit Cape Ann organizations can post press releases directly and then those press releases will be reposted to . This is not an advertising space for businesses, fitness or wellness organizations, or music listings.

The web address will be

To have your community organization news posted here, contact Joey C who will grant access for you to post directly.

Gloucester Area Astronomy Club Program Note for Friday Nov 11

November 5, 2016 ~ Michael Deneen ~


This Friday evening, November 11 at 8:00 pm, GAAC is thrilled to have an old friend, UNH’s John Gianforte, whom some of you may remember from a series of talks earlier this year at the Sawyer Free Library, or from his previous GAAC talks.

If prior experience is any guide, John will hold us all spellbound with a brand-new presentation he uses in his Engineering classes as well as in his Astronomy classes at UNH.

The talk is titled “Is Astronomy Really Relevant?” and along with some general astronomy, John will address some topics that illustrate why it makes sense for humans to know at least a little bit about astronomy, where the field is going and where it is today. All in all this looks like a perfect presentation for a cool November evening.

Come on in for a great night with seasonal goodies and old friends, great entertainment and great conversation. You’ll leave knowing something you don’t know now, and after the meeting you may get a telescopic close-up look at the not-quite-full moon to boot. You can decide for yourself whether or not it’s Super.

GAAC meets at 8:00pm on the second Friday of the month at the Lanesville Community Center, 8 Vulcan St in Lanesville. There is plenty of free parking, no dues or fees, and all are welcome. No special knowledge is required to have a great time. For more info on the club, see the website at, the club’s Facebook page at, or follow us on Twitter, @GAACster.

Concert to Support Christian Refugees in the Middle East

November 5, 2016 ~ kofc215

Paul Jernberg, Music Director of St. Monica and St. Lucy Parishes in Methuen, is pleased to announce three concerts to be held this November to raise funds for refugees and internally displaced peoples (IDPs) in the Middle East. The concerts will feature a choral performance of Canadian-American composer Roman Hurko’s Liturgy No. 3, an English setting of the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, as well as a beautiful sung Compline Night Prayer for the Feast of St. Cecilia. All net proceeds will be used to provide food, shelter, and medical assistance to IDPs and Christian refugees through the Knights of Columbus Christian Refugee Relief Fund, under the auspices of St. Monica and St. Lucy Parishes and the Knights of Columbus Council 14725. The concerts will be presented on Friday, November 18 at 7:00 pm at St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church in Beverly, MA, on Sunday, November 20 at 5:30 pm at St. Monica Catholic Church in Methuen, MA, and on Tuesday, November 22 at 7:00 pm at St. Patrick Catholic Church in Nashua, NH. No tickets will be sold but a free-will offering will be accepted. Light refreshments will be served at a reception following each concert. For more information or to help sponsor these efforts please email Donations are also accepted via the fundraising page (656504).1