J & L Welding Mobile Unit To The Rescue

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Our beautiful old winch head had a groove that had worn down deep in it. A Call to our friends at J & L Welding and voila, it’s fixed up just like new!

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Thanks J & L!


Before pic-


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3 thoughts on “J & L Welding Mobile Unit To The Rescue

  1. Curious about this. What do they do to fix it? Fill in the groove? I’m only familiar with spot welding and welding flat surface joints. It would seem hard to fill a groove in a cylinder, but I wouldn’t be surprised at the skill of these guys. Finally, how many years service has that winch head had? And can anyone guess how long the repair might last? I’m a nerd, for sure.


  2. I can see why you would want to fill in the worn-away groves on the pulley, but the burnished metal is so beautiful. It looks like copper, but I can’t believe it’s made of something so soft. Bronze, maybe?


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