Yo Yo Yo- Check Out Bex’ #Lobster Trap Wire Lobster All Lit Up Like A MFer


Well if this isn’t the coolest damn#Christmas #lobster decoration ever I don’t know what is. My buddy Bex added the lights. Someone from #RockportMA made the lobster trap wire lobster. I’ll find out who and credit the creator once I talk to Bex.

6 thoughts on “Yo Yo Yo- Check Out Bex’ #Lobster Trap Wire Lobster All Lit Up Like A MFer

  1. Thanks Joey. I got the lobster lawn ornament from Morris Wire and Trap in Rockport and strung it up with 3 sets of LED lights.
    Going to make some for sale next winter.


  2. Yes, these wire lobsters are created by Lobsterman Bob “Moe” Morris out o’ Pigeon Cove. His boat is the “Spirit”. We call these wire lobsters “Spirit Lobsters”. Pun intended. We have them available at the Ryan & Wood Distillery. We also have the Wire bottle traps shown here a couple of days ago. I’ll post a couple images tomorrow of how we display them. Come by and mention GMG and we will treat you right on these. Supporting local crafters is important.
    About Bob Morris, he was a valuable man down at our Atlantic Seafoods on the State Fish Pier. He filleted more than his share of “King” Whiting we got from Capt, Joe & Sons. His dad, Bob Sr. worked long hours at the Dehydration (Dehyd) Plant.


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