Male Swan Niles Pond September ©Kim Smith 2015A listless Mr. Swan this past Saturday

Mr. Swan is slowly coming back to life and has begun to move around to his other pond homes. He is very lonely still and cries his plaintive cry however, one of our dear readers writes that when he lost his first wife about six years ago, a cormorant came and sat with him everyday until “Little Girl Swan” showed up on the scene (his second wife). Hopefully history will repeat itself. Mr. Swan is thought to be about twenty years old, which is remarkable for a swan in the wild.

Male Female Swan January 2014 Niles Pond ©Kim Smith 2014

Mr. (right) and Mrs. (left) sharing pond vegetation with ducks, Niles Pond January 2014

Thank you to all who have written, sent photos, and reported sightings. We’re so blessed to be a part of this wonderfully caring community.

Female swan cygnet June 2015 ©Kim Smith 2015

Mrs. Swan and Cygnet June 2015

Mute swan male female cygnet cygnus olor ©Kim Smith 2015RIP Mrs. Swan and Cygnet

10 thoughts on “DEAD SWAN UPDATE

  1. A needed post and can call him & Her back anytime for the talk and walk! If I remember correctly they are so protective of young they will not leave them now that’s a mother’s love…I know one pinched me on butt (ouch) 4-5 yo Boston Common as young lad mom warned not to bother them or get close – old Dave two ear one in one out, found out the hard way!

    Sorry for your loss her spirit lives on and that may be why dad is still there she is calling him before she moves on to the other side!

    In flight music in memory!

    The Beautiful Swan – Hong Kong Wedding Live Band (Classical Piano Solo) by Miranda Wong


    Dave 😦 & Kim 😦

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  2. Thank you Shelley. I don’t actually take care of them, just photograph and film. Several families that live around the area ponds feed them and have been sharing information. I am grateful to all who have written and sent photos. Thank you for sharing with our GMG readers.


  3. Dear Kim,
    many thanks for the beautiful pictures and memories of the Swan family. We have lived in Gloucester three years and visited Niles many times to watch the swans and other birds. It was heart breaking to see Mrs Swan’s feathers, knowing they mate for life we knew Mr. Swan would be devastated.
    Thanks for the update…hopefully a new partner will arrive. There’s always hope.

    Beautiful pictures! You have such wonderful gifts, we are lucky to have you share them with all of us.

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  4. Thank you Nancy for your sweet comments.

    Mr. was back at Niles this morning and is reportedly visiting Rockport Harbor and Henrys as well. Would it not be wonderful if he found a mate soon? Hoping for the best.


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