Peter Todd Fundraiser

Lucinda Seigel writes that Peter Todd, Gloucester’s poet laureate, is currently in the hospital facing an uncertain outcome. She forwards along the fund rasing information: Any checks going into the account will have to be made payable to Peter Albert Todd Fundraising Campaign only.  Checks can be sent or delivered to the bank.  Any questions can be directed to Shannon Randazza at the Bank of Gloucester:

Shannon Randazza

Customer Service Representative

160 Main Street, Gloucester, MA 01930

978-283-8200 Ext. 213 Fax 978-2817283

2 thoughts on “Peter Todd Fundraiser

  1. I thank you Lucinda and all those involved . I have been in and out of so many hospitals and ambulances I have lost count. I am presntly back home. It was during last year that I had an operation on my esophagus. It was during this procedure that mesh was put in . It was six months later that the mesh imploded and I wound up in Mass General in Boston. It was then that they found the implosion caused the mesh to twist and turn my stomach. In order to remove the mesh my stomach had to be removed. This was a very invasive operation. uring the recovery at Mass General they found a place for rehab. It was Den Mar Nursing & Rehabilitation. It just so happened that my niece Samantha worked in the office, So to continue I am a fighting Finn. I however ended up being rushed to the AGH. It was about seven hours later the doctor came dancing in the room and said . I know whats wrong with you. You have gastritus , problem how do I have gastritus with no stomach . Oh and by the way we found a small mass on your pancreas. Two weeks later I was diagnosed with Pancreas Cancer. I first started at Mass General in Boston , but at $40.00 a day for parking and copays I finally ended up going to Mass General North in Danvers. I am on Chemo once a week , and then will be doing 28 treatments of radiation. I recently got rushed to Salem Hospital , reason I ate too much vanalla ice cream. So it goes on and on. My biggest problem is I will be on the feeding tube for the rest of my life. So there you have it. I started with Lung Cancer in 2007 , beat that by slice and dice from Dr. Barlam , Then 2010 Lymphoma now stalled by Gorton’s Cancer Clinic , It is next to my aorta so it cannot be taken out. The latest Pancreatic Cancer. So if you see me walking around with my trusty cane just give me a wave. I may not be able to eat or drink normal , but I can keep up the fight. Thank you all for your love and support. Oh I got a good challenge this appointment is for four years. Look out Cancer I’m going to kick butt.


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