Artists are so generous. Here’s the list of local artists for Sawyer Free. Don’t miss the lively auction Wednesday!

Reminder: silent bids close TONIGHT! Just 4 hours left for write in and absentee bids!


And donors are generous, too.  Don’t worry. There are two full days left to visit the exhibit. Come to the preview party Wednesday night at 6PM and get ready to bid in person!



Thanks to Sawyer Free for sharing the checklist featuring 70 local artists participating in the 2016 annual Sawyer Free auction.






Bodin Historic Open for Ladies’ Night

LadiesNight3932wmWe’ll be open for Ladies’ Night (tonight) from 5pm until about 9pm, with apps and refreshments. Also, we’re fully loaded with all sizes of Fish City and In Cod We Trust tee-shirts. Although I ordered 80 pounds (a lot) of shirts, they’ll go fast – so come in soon. Pictured below are gallery artist Laureen Maher, Santa, and Janet at last year’s Ladies’ Night. 82 Main Street.

Fred’s Twice–Yearly Haircut

MaherBirdseye4966wm MaherHaircut4957wm

I went to my friend Laureen Maher’s Beauty Bar Salon on Parker Street in Gloucester: My first cut was at Den Mar Nursing/Rehab in Rockport. Because of my cancer, it pretty much stopped growing, except for unruly curls on the sides. Laureen is also a painter, like my sister “Painter Barb,” who took the portrait. Laureen displays some of her work in the salon and has a few pieces my gallery. Thank you Laureen for the trim and thank you hair for not falling out (yet). Chemo treatment #5 today.

November in the Matz Gallery: Laureen Adrienne Maher’s “Birdseye View”

laureen_birds eye view

This month the Adolph Matz Gallery features the work of Laureen Adrienne Maher. “Birdseye View” is her largest body of work and features many images of the old Birdseye building as it stands today. You will see the dilapidation and gritty character that this site brings to our unique cityscape … if only for a little while more. Birdseye View is also the title of the large centerpiece of this exhibit: three 18 x 24 canvases dressed in oils and mounted on a stucco-like background.

 This show is dedicated to her late husband, Steve DeBoer, who supported her painting efforts wholeheartedly and loved Gloucester and the cast of characters and artists that make up this City. “Everywhere I go people are talking about what is happening around the old Birdseye building. All I know is I had a great time painting it!”

Laureen was published in the Gloucester Times in March 2010 and 2011. Both articles featured her florals and popular series, called Catch of the Day, which depicts our great local rock stars including Allen Estes, Fly Amero, and Willie “Loco” Alexander. In recent years she has exhibited locally at Lone Gull, Good Morning Gloucester Gallery on Rocky Neck, and The Bodin Historic Gallery. The latter carries Snack Bar at Good Harbor Beach which is one of her most popular reproductions.

Laureen resides in beautiful East Gloucester. She owns Beauty Bar at 12 Parker Street where she cuts and colors hair and exhibits her artwork year-round. New works are in progress for her upcoming late Spring exhibit to be held at Beauty Bar. She also participates in the Sawyer Free Library Annual Art Auction each year.

Contact Laureen at (617) 335-6788 or email her at

See “Rock Stars of Gloucester” tonight ~ in the flesh and oil

Allen Estes ~ oil on canvas by Laureen Maher

Just in case you’ve been under a rock for the past couple of weeks and don’t know that Gloucester’s biggest block party ever starts at 6 tonight, you can click here to read some posts about it.  Okay, now you know.

Celebrating Gloucester’s extraordinary music scene has become a Block Party tradition — and we do it by putting musicians and dancers on the street, right in front of our celebrated shops and restaurants.  (see schedule here)

Fly Amero ~ oil on canvas by Laureen Maher

In this spirit, Laureen Maher will be putting her series of oils on canvas, entitled “Rock Stars of Gloucester” on display at Fred Bodin’s Historic Photo Gallery at 82 Main Street, right next to the Sargent Stage (see map here) where one of the rock stars in her collection, Allen Estes, will be performing with his son Dylan.

Other Rock Stars of Gloucester on display tonight (in oil) will be JB Amero, Dave Sag, Inge Berge, Willie Alexander featured with Greg Tower and Ed Savage, Rik Razdan featured with Lisa Marie — and Fly Amero (who may appear in the flesh with his sister, Linda, at the Franklin Stage).

So dine, dance and shop under the stars tonight in Gloucester.  You’ll have more fun than you think you deserve.

Gloucester Reads Shakespeare Laureen Maher

Adam Bolonsky produces the Gloucester Reads Shakespeare project

Larueen reads from "A Midsummer Night’s Dream" at the Beauty Bar on Parker Street.

First in a series of locals reading for the Gloucester Reads Shakespeare project at