Schooner Roseway

Schooner Roseway ©Kim Smith 2013

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While searching though my photo library, I discovered a batch of stills from the Schooner Festival that I have not yet posted because I was so intent on editing the Schooner Festival video. I’ll try to post them this weekend–if everyone hasn’t already had enough of schooner photos!

The Schooner Roseway is a National Historic Landmark, owned and operated by World Ocean School, which is located in Camden, Maine. She is a gaff-rigged schooner and was first launched from Essex in 1925.  The Roseway runs sails out of Boston during the summer and out of Savannah, Georgia and St. Croix during the winter months.

If you have sailed on the Schooner Roseway, I would love to know about your experience. Please leave a comment in the comment section. Thank you!

History of the Roseway from the World Ocean School website: 

In the fall of 1920 a Halifax, Nova Scotia, newspaper challenged the fisherman of Gloucester, Massachusetts, to a race between the Halifax fishing schooners and the Gloucester fleet. Therefore many schooners, such as Roseway, built at this time were not strictly designed for fishing but in order to protect American honor in the annual races.

Roseway, 137′ in sparred length, was designed as a fishing yacht by John James and built in 1925 in his family’s shipyard in Essex, Massachusetts. Father and son worked side by side on Roseway, carrying on a long New England history of wooden shipbuilding. She was commissioned by Harold Hathaway of Taunton, Massachusetts, and was named after an acquaintance of Hathaway’s “who always got her way.” Despite her limited fishing history, Roseway set a record of 74 swordfish caught in one day in 1934.

Read more about the history of the Roseway here


7 thoughts on “Schooner Roseway

  1. We were there for the Schooner Festival and this is one more fabulous picture capturing the spirit of Glosta, Eastern Point, and the Roseway. We were introduced to the Roseway by friends here in Florida who sailed her years back when she was privately owned so we had a preconceived fascination. We finally were able to experience a sail ourselves Saturday afternoon around the harbor. She truly is a grand ship.


    1. Thank you saint707, and thank you so much for writing about your Roseway experience–Sounds Wonderful!!! She’s a beautiful ship and really makes an impression in photos and when in the harbor, with her unique rose-colored sails!


      1. A lovely photo of a Beautiful Schooner, Kim. Over the years of boating in the area, I ejoyed seeing her, and visiting with her at the railways on Rocky Neck.


  2. This is a classic for sure one of those you can just sit all day dreaming while watching the vessels -ships and everything else float by:-)
    What A Day For A Day Dream – Loving Spoonful


  3. Sailed on the Roseway in 2009 in St. Croix. She sure is a grand schooner. My wife and I have very found memories of her. Never change those rose colored sails.


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