Tonight’s Blues Party at The Rhumb Line ~ Dave Sag to host Bob Enik.

We continue our medulla oblongation exercises this week with the added tincture  of Mr. Bob Enik to the mixture. He’s a new guy: came by to show Lisa Marie how it’s done some weeks back and now he returns to lead us all into temptation. He mostly plays glitar but had been known to sing, too, usually after applying pressure with a hose clamp.
And furthermore, he’s bringing his own ventriloquist dummy in the form of keyboardist Jim Gambino  with him. Watch his hand disappear in the middle of his back! This cat can really play and sing, too. He eats tone clusters for breakfast!
And finally, Mr. John Loud, formerly of Glou. but now living under  the bridge, will be handling the vibratory duties on his eardrum kit. I’ll be playing bass and singing, too. I can’t wait! We’re drug and gluten free, so you don’t have to be!

This link is all I could find and a neat video with him playing at the Grog

Bob Enik is also featured here with Amy Black

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