Thank You Seacoast

Went to visit my dad this morning and Auntie Gerry was there hanging out with him.  It’s always tough to see him with his reduced mental capacity but what gives me so much relief is the care he receives at Seacoast.  Always clean shaven and looked after, they dote on him as well as all the other residents- patiently and thoughtfully. 

It’s such a blessing to have him there with the angels who look after him.

Thank you

2012-10-09 11.36.19

9 thoughts on “Thank You Seacoast

  1. I visit Seacoast fairly often in the course of my ministry, and the residents all seem well cared for – and the staff keep close tabs on how they are doing and where they are. It’s no easy task. Kudos to the staff for their hard work and attentiveness!


  2. Joey,thank you for sharing this great picture. you can be sure that I will be saving it.Please give my warmest regards to all the family. cousin Joe from detroit.


  3. Thank you Joe for sharing the picture of your Dad and aunt Gerry, we we’re neighbors growing up , I spent many day’s at your Grandmother Fielica’s , wonderful memories.Thanks again.


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