Thursday is “shopping local” day

Well, it is for me, at any rate. I like to walk down from the rectory to Stage Fort Park for the Farmer’s Market, and stop off in a store or two on Main Street along the way.  Here is today’s catch:

First, went to The Cave to get some “Manchego” cheese (front and center in the photo).  It’s a Spanish cheese made from goat’s milk. I bought it at the recommendation of the proprietor, Laura Cramer, to accompany a jar of Alexander Thompson’s tomato marmelade.  I got to try it in the store (with two other pairing options) and this one is a winner!

From there I headed down to the market.  I went looking for two of the other items in the photo above: Ma’s Brand bread and butter pickles, and maple syrup (from Northwoods Sugarworks in New Hampshire).  Thanks to the generosity of a couple at whose wedding I presided recently, I also had some extra cash to buy a beautiful hand-blown glass vase (on the left in the photo). It’s the work of Aron Leaman, a Gloucester native who has a shop down in Boston where he creates his glass art.

As I mentioned the last time I posted about the Farmer’s Market, I really enjoy buying there, because it supports small businesses and the local economy, and the enthusiasm of the sellers is (dangerously) contagious… I love to see their pride in their products.  Not the sort of experience you can have buying on-line, or even at local outlets of big chain stores.  They can offer great service and sometimes lower prices, but when possible, I like the direct interaction with people more closely involved with the actual production of whatever I’m buying.

-Fr. Matthew Green

P. S. I also picked up my customized “fire-breathing pickle-riding rainbow-jumping liger” teeshirt, which the folks at the G33K store were kind enough to make for me! I’ll post a photo soon…

7 thoughts on “Thursday is “shopping local” day

    1. Aha! He was there at the market two weeks ago, but I didn’t buy any. I didn’t see him yesterday, but I was in a bit of a rush, and went more or less straight to what I wanted to buy. Maybe next week… Thanks!


  1. Everything looks and sounds wonderful, thanks for sharing! I always miss the Farmer’s Market as I work out of town on Thursdays, but might just need to take a vacation day one of these Thursdays to catch it.


  2. I thought I recognized that blue vase. Gloucester’s Aron Leaman is a very creative and skilled artist, and only 26 years old! I’m so thrilled to have a glass blower in the gallery. We have a display of his work at Bodin Historic Photo, 82 Main Street, Gloucester. His clear glass paperweights incorporate Good Harbor Beach sand, and we sell a lot of them. If that’s not enough, Aron is a talented guitarist and singer. I’m hoping to have him play at a gallery event in the near future.


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