Homie Feathers Wanted

Dear Joey,

I have a friend who is looking for seagull feathers. This fellow is the harpsichord maker who was so helpful to me as I completed the instrument I built for my wife, featured at the recent concert “A Thousand Sunday Mornings” at the Shalin Liu Performance center and so well promoted on GMG. As you may know, harpsichords pluck their strings rather than hit them with hammers like a piano. The ‘plectra’ are now often tiny pieces of Delrin plastic, but historically they were bird quill from ravens, turkeys or other large avifauna.

I’m told it is now molting season for Homie and so I’m hoping some GMG readers will know of beaches or coves were seagull feathers wash up in quantity. If you would kindly post this request perhaps folks will reply to me at gregbover@cbfisk.com or in the comment section.

Many thanks,


P.S. For those who missed the SRO concert and illustrated talk at Rockport Music, or anyone who’d like to hear it again, we are planning an encore presentation in the Fitz Henry Lane Gallery at the Cape Ann Museum on September 5 th through the good offices of the Gloucester Lyceum. More details to come as we get closer to the date.

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