Did You Know? (Summer Pie Theater and Tales of Bong Tree Island)

That Dona Lambert and her troupe at Summer Pie Theater Playhouse in Rockport want to be the first to do a production of Tales of Bong Tree Island?  But before that can happen, we have to make Tales of Bong Tree Island a reality.  Without your help, in 2 days, the owlpusses with their great wisdom and teaching of acceptance and tolerance to young people, could become extinct.  Please support them and this project, at whatever amount you can (you can pledge as little as $1.00).  http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1997277714/martines-owlpuss-interviews-and-tales-of-bong-tree

About Dona Lambert and Summer Pie Theater:

Dona Lambert has been imaging stories her entire life.  On the farm she grew-up on she created magical kingdoms in the woods.  Every Summer with her dad she turned a tiny chicken coop building into a little theater and performed plays.  Dona has a B.A. in speech and dramatics. She has been a teacher in grades  K-8 and recently taught the in-school drama at the Rockport Middle School.  She was a program director with the YMCA in Maryland and New Jersey for many years.  Dona’s theater and stories with the children has always been a part of whatever other pursuit she was involved in at the time. The Summer Pie Play House is very much a piece of the little chicken coop theater from Dona’s childhood farm once upon a time.   It is children in their imagination, building, inventing, relaxed, and happy.

Dona has been conducting children’s theater mainly in Rockport and the surrounding area since 1998. Her Chicken Coupe troupe this season performed ROBIN HOOD And Monty Python………..and the 21 chickens.  Dona directed the Art Harbor Camp at Windhover for five years.  Dona’s Troupes now rehearse and perform at The Unitarian-Universalist Society in Rockport.

I think Dona’ Summer Pie Theater is the perfect venue for the first stage production of Tales of Bong Tree Island.  Thanks for your help in making it a reality, EJ


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