Essex MA at Dawn 4:39AM 5/30/12 Essex Salt Marsh and The Burnham House

I have never ever in my life been more ferociously attacked and eaten alive by mosquitoes as I did this morning capturing this shot.  I drove past it at first but had to loop back.  The water was so still, the tide was just right, the light just beginning to peek through.

The mosquitoes were insane I tell you.  I’m still itching. Hit this one up larger.  I love the reflection of the house and the clouds in the sky reflecting in the water.  No brainer, had to get out of the truck and set up the shot, right?

click for the larger version, you won’t be disappointed.


25 thoughts on “Essex MA at Dawn 4:39AM 5/30/12 Essex Salt Marsh and The Burnham House

  1. Anything for a good picture, right!! Even mosquitos! The stillness of the reflections is overwhelmingly beautiful. You really captured the time and mood of the early morning. Wow.
    Alice Gardner


  2. Holy Guacamole! TOTALLY AWESOMELY AMAZING, JOEY! My favorite photo of yours so far!! [altho the one of yesterday’s dawn was amazing too!] The unfolding colors, reflections, slight mist along the grass in the background. . . stillness . . . what a mood it all conveys. . . Oh those damn mosquitoes! THANK YOU for hanging in and getting this == priceless!


  3. We’ve seen a lot of shots of this scene, almost all of them good. But this is a whole new perspective. Great!


  4. So unbelievable are your pictures I almost want to give up taking any more of my own…I said almost… Just gorgeous! So which of the super cameras that you rave about is this taken with? The Sony? Again…gorgeous…big fan of all your early morning shots.


    1. Oh never mind my question… got my answer above…I was too stunned by the picture to notice all the info about it the first time 😉 Sorry!


  5. wow! it almost look to peaceful to be real!photoshop?just kidding, even the mosquitoes that did bite you did not disturb the beauty of the moment! wish I was not a night owl and could enjoy the morning glory!


  6. Beautiful shot, Joey! Sorry the mosquitoes ruined the experience. I’m sure it would have been so nice to just sit still and take in that incredible, peaceful scene for a while!


  7. This is a GLORIOUS photo, well worth the mosquito bites!!! ❣❣❣❣❣❣❣I grew up right around the corner from the Burnham house, and I well remember those mosquitoes, AND the green heads, the black flies, the yellowjackets, and all the rest of the winged devils that swarmed the skies and clung to the skin!!! They thrive on swamp land, the weeds in the river and all around the forest!! That’s one thing about home I DON’T miss!!!


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