Gloucester Sunset

6 thoughts on “Gloucester Sunset

  1. Springs Symphony
    By Peter A. Todd

    The rooster as it awakes us at early morn
    Sparrows building their family nest
    A mother horse tending to her new born
    Blue Jays flying about in sorted vests
    Sqirrals running about playing catch me if you can
    With the baby ducklings chasing at their feet
    The cooking of eggs and bacon in the frying pan
    Children chasing the bus to get the best seat
    An American Eagle flying in the sky
    With old glory waving its colors in the Spring breeze
    The rippling of the stream its river nigh
    The gift of our creator to our eye’s to please
    Taking in the scent of the flowers as they bloom
    Joining in with nature to whistle a happy song
    This is our freedom with Springs Symphony in tune
    This is our Country that we as Americans proudly belong


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