Moonrise Over Wingaersheek

I had nothing for today so thought I’d share one of my new glass paintings.  It is the moon rising over Wingaersheek from River Road in Annisquam.

E.J. Lefavour

26 thoughts on “Moonrise Over Wingaersheek

  1. That must be amazing !! I didn’t think the moon rose in the west ?? That would be the direction you would be looking in if you were looking towards Wingaersheek from River Rd ???!!! Smoking something funny ther E J ???


    1. That’s the wonderful thing about being an artist John, we can create whatever we like. You’re right, you would never see the moon rise over Wingaersheek like that.


  2. Holy Mackerel EJ. You’re Gonna Sell A Buttload of Those At The Gallery This Summer.
    Question, can you put it in a window and does the light flow through it making it kinda cool or is it not meant for that?


  3. Thanks Joey, I hope so. Some of them could be displayed that way, only I haven’t figured out yet how to do it. This one, the back of the bottom piece of glass is painted black, so you wouldn’t be able to see through it, and it is framed normally to hang on the wall. I’m doing alot of experimenting and coming up with all sorts of cool unique framing and 3 dimensional display systems for them.


  4. That is so cool ! I really like the idea of finding a way to have light travle through it. Mabe try expermimenting with a shadow box frame with a small round halegion puck light or rope lighting


  5. Thanks Felicia, Father Green and Paul! It’s great to get positive feedback when you come out with something new. I’ll figure something out with the backlighting of them, or so people can view both sides.


  6. Nice!!! I have a few antique pieces painted on glass and to get the appearence of light a refinisher used aluminum foil. Scratch thru the black paint, and try the effect! Think I’d “practice”
    on a plain black painted piece of glass. Actual light didn’t work for me…too bright even at the lowest wattage.

    It’s really striking as is, I’d probably leave it alone.


    1. Thanks Kathy. I actually did large scale window pieces on a few of the old windows removed from the 80 Border Street artist building in East Boston when they renovated it, but small delicate windows would be ideal for these.


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