9 thoughts on “Sunday at Niles Pond

  1. Lovely photos – thanks.
    It’s too bad that the skaters left a snow shovel on the ice which with the warm weather is slowly sinking into the Pond.
    And somebody left other trash along the pond’s edge.


  2. my husband often skates when the pond is frozen and is the litter natzi down there, always after the kids to pick up after themselves. Most of the time, he takes it upon himself to clean up after everyone else. Unfortunately, he was sick over the weekend, so he wasnt there to do so. He was nuts last night when i showed him a photo someone posted of the litter on Facebook …


  3. Litter should drive all us citizens nuts! I see so much at the GHS parking lot, it’s a shame people don’t care enough for their own city to pick up their trash. There is a wonderful gentleman that goes to the parking lot most days and picks up other peoples litter. Bless that Guy!


  4. I saw that almost full case of empty Bud cans along the banks edge and the shovel out on the ice just yesterday. I would’ve picked it up, but was reluctant b/c it was all ON the ice, meaning that as the ice melts with these unseasonably warm temps, it’ll all end up in the pond. There were also beer cans strung along Bemo Lane. What a shame.


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