“This Is Gloucester” DVD Review From A Biased FOB Linda Colman


Linda writes-

Hi Joey!

Here’s my review of your “This Is Gloucester” DVD.  I’ve watched it twice.  First time was the day I received it in the mail.  Since I’m your target audience I decided to watch it a second time with one of my BFF’s, Judy, who’s never been to Gloucester and has never seen the blog.  Not being an FOB like myself, I figured she’d be able to provide the objective viewpoint that I lack since I’m a lover of Gloucester and a rah rah fan of GMG. I’m biased for sure.

Let me begin by saying that the DVD cover is really cool.  Beth Swan has a great eye for design and did a fantastic job.  Appealing right away.  Beginning the DVD with “Gloucester at Dawn” and the beautiful music was a great way to set the tone and my friend Judy said she didn’t know Gloucester was such a beautiful place.  BOOM!

I imagine that deciding what to include and what to leave out of the DVD from all the GMG material must have been the hardest part of making it. I don’t know how you managed to do it, but you wound up with a really well balanced presentation of the essence of Gloucester- the beauty of the place, the fishing industry, the history, festivals and the passionate people who call it home.  A really great mix.

The only trouble I had with the DVD, and believe me I realize that this is totally personal (although Judy had the same reaction), was the appearance of the “Rare Golden Sea Robin”.  I remember seeing it on the blog and it was bad enough looking at that thing on my laptop, but on my big TV screen?  Yikes!! I can see how it might be a big deal to land one of these horrifying creatures but it’s a TERRIBLE thing to look at.  Judy gasped, covered her eyes and I had to tell her when it was over so she could keep watching.  Just when we were regaining our composure, THERE IT WAS AGAIN!!!  It made an unannounced and unexpected second appearance after “The Back Shore” chapter!!  At that moment Judy fled from the room and wouldn’t watch any more.

The people chapters (as opposed to the creature chapters) appealed to me the most. I enjoyed “Building the Greasy Pole Shrine” because of the obvious passion of the people involved in its construction, “Salting Herring At Cape Seafoods” because… well I don’t know, I just liked watching it… and the “St Joseph Novena” chapters that finished off the DVD were the best.  The people who live in Gloucester truly love their city and it shows!  

So there’s my review, Joey.  It’s yours to do with as you please.  Run it on the blog, trash it completely, edit it as you see fit, whatever.  Oh, one more thing.  I think an introduction by you at the very beginning would have been great.

Thanks a million for putting the DVD together!  Linda

Santa Lucia Ceremony From Alice Gardner

I thought I would send on some pictures of the Jul Fair in Rockport yesterday… the Santa Lucia ceremony – very moving.Then on to the Sargent House Museum which was lovely with all the Christmas decorations – love that silver! Then we came upon the children’s choir entering the Saint John’s Episcopal Church for their concert. They began with "Once in Royal David’s City." Excellent choir. A perfect day for the Middle Street Walk and the Jul Fair in Rockport.

Alice Gardner

I thought I would send on the story of Santa Lucia. Alice


Did You Know? (What’s Cookin’)

That Schroo Cookin’ at 185 Washington Street is under new ownership and is now called What’s Cookin’.  Pictured are new owner/cook, Brian Rice, and cook Mari Martin.  Brian was most recently cooking for Common Crow, but jumped at the opportunity to schroo working for someone else and open his own establishment.  (Actually he really enjoyed cooking at Common Crow, but this was just too good an opportunity to pass up).  What’s Cookin’ opened Thursday, December 8 and will be open Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00 and Saturday 9:00-3:00, serving made from scratch soups, sandwiches, salads, baked goods and prepared meals.  Stop in and try some of Brian and Mari’s lovingly prepared food.

E.J. Lefavour

Time lapse Mug-Up at EJ’s house

One second on the first one then a third of a second per shot so it’s a bit fast. Focus on one plate or duck and see where she goes. I got distracted in the living room several times so when a plate vanished it was gone ready to be replaced by more food as it rolled in.

You can see when Donna leaves because her Red Sox Duck vanishes. You can also see that my smoked bluefish pate was hammered on the entire time once we scared off Joey.

Christmas Tree for Liv

My darling daughter, away at graduate school, is missing home and missing especially Christmas-making. She called last night to request a snapshot of our Christmas tree. My wish for Christmas was that both Liv and Alex could come home for Christmas.  Alex we knew for sure would be home (if for no other reason than he misses home cooked dinners) but Liv started a brand new job with a crazy schedule and is mired in papers and finals.  I learned yesterday that she will be traveling home on the 21st and son will be home Thursday of this week. Happiest of moms am I!

Click any photo for slideshow.

Look Who Sent Us A Nice 2011 Gloucester Lobster Trap Tree Lighting Video- Pastor Tim Bushfield

Tim Bushfield, Lead Pastor, Community Church of East Gloucester submits-


Didn’t know if you might be interested in a 2 min video clip capturing some of the singing and the actual tree lighting moment itself.  It’s posted here if you’re interested.  Thanks for celebrating Gloucester with your blog!

Lobster Trap Christmas Tree Lighting


We got all kinds of clergy up in this mother!

Father Green you see what he just did there?

It’s like Pastor Tim just got right up in your grill and spiked a football right at your feet after running back an interception for the game winning touchdown.

What’s next, Reverend Wendy Fitting strapping a GoPro HD video camera to her skull and doing a sky dive off the top of the Universalist Church for the GMG audience?

Whatever kind of religious thing we got going on I’m all for it if we get fantastic community footage like this.

What about the Jews?  We got nothing from The Temple.

Hey Kate Seidman you better get on the phone  with the powers that be at Temple Achim Ahavat because these Protestants and Catholics are kicking your butt all over the place.

and I thought the Jews owned the media.  What do I know?

Extreme Truck & Auto 50$ Gift Certificate Giveaway @ gimmesound Starts Today!

Today marks the beginning of the 50$ Gift Certificate Giveaway brought to you by Sean Nolan of Extreme Truck & Auto and Gimmesound.com! Let’s take a look under the hood for todays first clue. Good luck everyone!

Discover Gloucester First Annual Holiday & Awards Party Wednesday December 14th


A reminder to RSVP NOW!




2 MAIN STREET, Gloucester


Join your fellow tourism supporters and trench workers at Discover Gloucester’s First Holiday & Awards Party! We’ll network with new and old friends while enjoying a scrumptious Buffet Lunch from Giuseppe’s kitchen.

For the very first time, special Awards will be bestowed upon a variety of local tourism individuals who have helped propel our wonderful destination forward.

Don’t miss this merry gathering of local tourism supporters!

Must RSVP by 12/11/11 to info@seaportgloucester.org

$24 per person. Pay at the door with cash for expediency.

Click here for menu & more details:


The CAT’s Out of the Bag: Auditions for Neil Simon’s “Rumors”

The CAT’s Out of the Bag:
Auditions for Neil Simon’s “Rumors”
Wednesday, January 4 and Thursday, January 5, 2012


The Cape Ann Theatre Collaborative invites you to audition for its March play, Neil Simon’s comedy-farce “Rumors,” Wednesday, January 4th and Thursday, January 5th from 7 pm to 9 pm at 5 Heritage Way (in the Roy Spittle Associates building) located in the Blackburn Industrial Park, Gloucester MA. Rehearsals will take place on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, 7pm to 9pm.
This full tilt farce aims for hilarity. Four high society couples gather at the home of the New York City deputy mayor and his wife to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary. The party is on hold though. The host has shot himself through his earlobe, his wife is missing and the cook and servant are conspicuously absent. As each couple arrives, the cover up of the shooting gets progressively more difficult to sustain. The story confounds in its growing absurdity. Oh, the scandal of it all! Doors slam and rumors abound as the couples get more and more tangled in their web of deceit. We will audition for the roles of the four couples (ages 40-50), and a policeman and policewoman (ages 30-50). “Rumors” will be performed at the Gorton Theatre (home of Gloucester Stage Co.) on March 23, 24, 25, 29, 30, 31 and April 1.
CAT’s past productions include, “The Weir,” “The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds,” “Beyond Therapy,” and “Sylvia.” For further information please join the Cape Ann Theatre Collaborative on the web at http://www.CATcollaborative.org, on Facebook (you need not be Facebook member to access our page), email us at CATcollab@gmail.com or call 978.325.3153. Be a part of community theatre at its very best. We encourage you to audition for a role or to become a CAT Collaborative member working in a variety of non-acting positions.

GMGLOU1691 copy

PHOTO Credit: Lee Nadel.
Caption: (left to right) High society, high crime, high comedy, gunshots, a dinner party, no cook, no host, you are cordially invited to AUDITION! Behind the Scenes—(clockwise from left) CAT Collaborative’s Heidi Redston-Rideout (costumes), Lauren Suchecki (actor), Pat Maloney-Brown (director “Rumors”), Mary Lou Nye (publicity), Pia Nadel (sets), Pauline Miceli (director “Sylvia”), and Joey Arsenault (actor/social media) meet to kick-off the planning of Neil Simon’s rollicking farce, “Rumors.”

Breaking Restaurant News- Tacos Lupita coming to Gloucester!!!

Dean Szumylo forwards-

Gotta get the scoop on this… Saw the sign last night and had to grab a pic on the way in to work this morning. Could it be? The best Latin American food around without the (bullet-dodging) drive to Lynn? Just steps from Downtown? Say it IS so…!!!


Due to the Mature subject Matter………

Behind the scenes of a Calendar Shoot.

No, it’s not one of Sharon Lowes or one of Ej Kahn’s Beautiful Calendars.

Unless they made a visit to Corisca on my Birthday.

But I’m Sure they’d make a lot of money if they did one like this with

the “Women of GMG”


Due to the Mature subject Matter. View Discretion is Advised.

Leonardo’s Killer Family Deal $14.99 On UDine4Less

If you go on www.udine4less.com and print out the coupon for Leonardos you get this killer deal-

1 Large Pizza, 1 Huge Box of Chicken Fingers and a Large Salad for $14.99.

To tell you how much food there was, Ed and I couldn’t polish it all off.  There was a slice of pizza left and we didn’t even touch the salad.

Offer is good Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday

Leonardo’s- 273 Main St. Gloucester