You’re Invited

Please be our guest at the Rocky Neck Art Colony’s Winter Show Reception

Saturday, December 3, 5-7pm, 130 Main St, downtown Gloucester

Meet the Artists and enjoy appetizers and libations from our generous sponsors.


Participating Artists:
Kathleen Gerdon Archer
Judith Bly
Kathy Chapman
Katherine Coakley
Cynthia Curtis
Ruth Curtis
Marci Davis
Vicki Diez-Canseco
Kathy Chapman
Jeannie Donovan
Devera Ehrenberg
Susie Field
Joan Frank
Judith Goetemann
Gordon Goetemann
Susan Hershey
Frederick Jillson
Elynn Kröger
Ellen Lefavour
Mark Lindsay
Mary McCarl
Judith Monteferrante
Skip Montello
Ruth Mordecai
Marty Morgan
Kerry (Katherine) Mullen
John Nesta
Sinikka Nogelo
Michael Oleksiw
David Piemonte
Jenny Rangan
Ramani Rangan
Judy Robinson-Cox
Tom Robinson-Cox
Roger Salisbury
Richard Seeley
Michael Seif
Sally Smithwick
Kate Somers
Rachel Somers
Kathleen Staab
Marie Sweeney
Marilyn Swift
Theresa Testaverde
Anna Vojtech
Martha Wakefield
Rokhaya Waring
Ruth Worall
Heidi Zander


Santa!! On Saturday!! Rockport Harbor!! 3:45PM!!!

As an annual tradition dating back centuries, Santa Claus rides into Rockport Harbor on a fishing boat, and then makes his way to Dock Square to light the tree. This is no mall Santa but the real thing!!

The day we have all been waiting for!

Saturday, December 3rd. Santa arrives at 3:45PM and the tree lighting is at 4PM in Dock Square.

Last year’s tree:

Wait for it. Bam! That just happened! Check out all the people in the audience as I stuck the two photos together. Hopefully you are using a browser that allows moving gifs.  Some people disappear. Magic Santa!

Plan your strategy for where to be by reading the coverage from the past two years:

Good Morning Gloucester coverage in 2010

Good Morning Gloucester coverage in 2009

Christmas in Rockport website for much more info on the whole run up to the big day.

Toad Hall Bookstore

Toad Hall Bookstore is a nonprofit organization and gives 100% of its net profits to environmental projects. 

This morning I stopped by Toad Hall Bookstore and was reminded of the many happy hours spent there with our children. Both kids are wonderful readers and I was able to deposit them down the enchanting spiral stairwell leading to the cozy children’s reading room while I perused books on the main floor. The proprietor’s son Reeve is a few years older than our son, and Amy always knew just the right adventure book to recommend for Alex. I’ll never forget the midnight Alex and I drove to Toad Hall to pick up a reserved copy of the eagerly anticipated latest edition of Harry Potter. Nancy was dressed head to toe in witches garb and “spooky” refreshments were served.  Alex stayed up all night reading, finishing the 400-plus-page book the following day, and has read and reread all the Harry Potter books countless times. He was fortunate to be exposed to Harry Potter at a very young age; before he could read them himself, his sister Liv was reading Harry Potter books to him. Liv’s current reading list (copied from her blog): A Spy in the House of Love – Anais Nin, Letters to a Young Poet – Rilke, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter – Carson McCullers, Howard’s End – E.M. Forster, Tess of the D’Urbervilles – Thomas Hardy. Fostering in your child a love for reading and for books is a gift that will keep giving throughout their entire lives. My mother did that for me and for my siblings by reading to us constantly, taking us to the library, supplying us with plenty of batteries for reading-by-flashlight-under-the-covers, and always very well-chosen books under the Christmas tree and for birthdays. I will never forget the several times my mom let me stay home from school to read a book that I could not put down. I don’t recall the name of the books, but will always remember that she thought reading was worth skipping an occasional day of school!

Visit Toad Hall’s Facebook page — you’ll find a 10% OFF coupon there that you can use between now & Christmas.

More about Toad Hall as well as a story about moles, voles, and holes found on my blog Kim Smith Designs

Final Clue for Look Good/Feel Good $200 Give-away @ gimmesound


Hey pay attention! Final Clue Look Good/Feel Good Give-Away . 

See the final question in today’s video (click picture to see video)  The contest is sponsored by Sunbanque.  It’s the Look Good/Feel Good $200 give-away, including tanning, hair, nails & fitness. (This would be a great GIFT)   Here is how it works:

Get today’s live music lineup and go see Marina Evans at Cape Ann Brewery tonight.

And now you can Kiss My Ass Goodbye, Part Two!

And now you can Kiss My Ass Goodbye, Part Two!

A few months ago I received an email informing me of my good luck in winning A UK Lottery for 1.5 million British Pounds.

I sent them all my personel information like they requested. Like my; Social security Number, date of Birth, etc….. They keep telling me I should be getting that check in the mail soon.

But I can’t believe my good Fortune. I won another 1 Million British Pounds. Here’s the Email I got:


You are a winner in the ongoing UK-National Lottery Promo, you have been approved to paid the total sum of One million pounds to you in your location. For more information kindly contact your claims director Barrister Peter Jonathan with his information below:

Barrister Peter Jonathan
Name: Barrister Peter Jonathan

Your Claims Information
Full Name:
Contact Address:

Best Regards
Krigholm Ann-Christin (Uk)


Sunset Snapshots

It seems I’m specializing in sunrises and sunsets recently, but they have just been so beautiful, I can’t resist!

Sunset behind the steeple of the Unitarian Church
This church looks beautiful in the evening!
A waxing crescent moon looks down on Gloucester

How Do You Move A Thousand Pound Scallop Dredge? Very Carefully

Pete Mondello sold his old scallop dredge which he long ago sold his permits for to some guys from New Bedford.  This meant we needed to get it out of the yard and up over the rail of a pick up truck into it’s bed safely without it coming crashing down and  smashing the sides of the truck to bits.

We did it without incident.  Video at the bottom.


Here’s an awesome video of a scallop dredge deployed over the side of a boat and working in the ocean from

Jordan Shairs Football Rookie of The Year At Curry College

proud mom Jen reports

The Senior Running Back was the force behind a powerful Fisherman rushing attack in 2010. Shairs rushed for 31 TD’s for the Fishermen in 2010, including two at Gillette Stadium in Gloucester’s Division 1A Super Bowl win over Bridgewater-Raynham.