Gloucester Fisherman Story From Good Morning America 1982

Rosalie Parisi forwards-


This was taken at your fathers Wharf in1982, it is a story about my family and the fishing industry.

In the end of the video my Uncle Charlie who passed last week is pictured weighing out the boat at our dock.

Uncle Charlie was a rock of a man, the strong type of family man who led the family by example. 

Mae West Quote of The Week from Greg Bover

December 2, 2011
“I’m all for restraint, as long as it doesn’t go too far.”
Mary Jane (Mae) West (1893- 1980)


From her beginnings in vaudeville, West moved on to Broadway, writing, directing and starring in the 1920’s hit play Sex for which she was arrested and jailed on morals charges, launching a life-long battle with censorship. Her film career began in the thirties with memorable roles in Night after Night, I’m No Angel, and Diamond Lil. West often wrote or rewrote her own dialogue featuring her penchant for double entendre while up-staging a long string of leading men, including Cary Grant, Randolph Scott, and W.C. Fields. She made no films from the Second World War until 1970 when she appeared in Gore Vidal’s camp hit Myra Breckenridge. Inflatable life jackets are still referred to by her name for their resemblance to her statuesque form.

Greg Bover

The Voyeur


Ripple by ripple by ripple, the tide,

as if swollen with water from a

giant sponge squeezed by an unseen hand,

floods the bare rocks and rides up on the shore.


After a short while, it is absorbed once more,

draining out the harbor and rinsing its

piers of grunge, drying a miniature

archipelago beneath a mimic sky.


I can sit and observe the tide for hours;

in fact I have often done that under

the guise  of going  to take some photos.

Through the lens, a voyeur in the dark,

I clandestinely watch the Earth cleanse herself.


Marty Luster

Did You Know? (Gloucester Creates Art Big Time)

 Nyctalopia prevents me from doing many things at night because I can’t see to drive, but last night my awesome sister, Judy Wilburn and her husband, Ron drove up from Winthrop to take in some amazing things on Main Street with me. 

First there was the incredibly well attended reception for the Rocky Neck Art Colony’s Winter Show.  There was great art, lots of cool, fun people, amazing food, beverages and decorations most generously provided by sponsors: Topside Grille, Lat 43, Alchemy, Jalepenos, Cruiseport Gloucester, The Boston Beer Company, Stop & Shop and Corliss Bros.  If you missed it, you missed the event of the season; but you can still stop in daily to see the exhibit at 130 Main Street through December 29. 

Then we stopped at the The Annie and saw Henry Allen and some of the really great art at the “Gloucester Creates Art” exhibit.  If you missed last night, you have one last chance to see this dynamic exhibit on Men’s Night, Thursday, December 8 from 5:00-9:00pm.  In addition to some great art, there will be music and food in a really cool space that Henry has lovingly created for our community.

We ended up at Fred Bodin’s open house at Bodin Historic Photo & Fine Art.  I love Fred and its always great to stop in his gallery and visit.  He had some great refreshments, and as always, great photography, art, cards, prints, calendars, pottery and more.  BTW, in case you don’t know, GMG will be having its Christmas Party at Bodin Historic Photo on Saturday, December 17th, and Joey will be providing the pizza.  More details will be forthcoming.  While at his open house, I met Steve Ludwick.  While I don’t want to encourage duck envy on the blog, Steve is the proud owner of one humungus duck.  He is also the local Aflac agent, and lives in West Gloucester.  If you want to receive money if you are hurt and can’t work, contact Steve at 978-879-8453 or to find out how.  He’ll show up at your place with the big honkin duck in his back seat to tell you all about it. 

E.J. Lefavour

gimmesound lineup & New Contest Preview


We have a new contest starting Monday (12/5/11).  Here is how it works:

  • There will be a trivia question in every lineup video (Monday – Friday)
  • After you see Friday’s Video and you have all the answers
  • click the ANSWER LINK under the video to give us your answers
  • The FIRST person with the correct answers wins the prize.  Its a great prize that I want to win but I can’t so GOOD LUCK to you!

Get today’s live music lineup and check out Gloucester’s best local music!

Colin Connor and Justin Sander catch some waves between afternoon meetings

Colin Connor and Justin Sander catch some waves between afternoon meetings. Their compost business BLACK EARTH HAULER, is a food waste recycling service for creators of organic waste on Cape Ann.

Photographs © Kathy Chapman 2011



Christmas Concert and The Cradle Song

Today at 2:00PM, Holy Family Parish will be having a Christmas Concert at St. Ann’s Church. All are welcome!

The other day I went to see “The Cradle Song”, a play presented by the Cape Ann community theatre group,  Theatre in the Pines.  The players did a great job! It’s worth seeing – you can still catch the Sunday, December 4th, 3:00PM production (if you are not at the Holy Family Christmas Concert) at Spiran Hall, Rockport.  Here are a few snapshots from the Friday performance.

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Blue Shutters — Awesome Photos


We’ve been asking guests of the Blue Shutters to share their photos, and boy are they coming through! The shots we’ve received in recent months have been some of the best we’ve ever seen, including a new batch just in…from early morning Good Harbor Beach regular Marie Pelletier of Salem , MA ; from Bob Brewer of the UK ; and from Jay Carlson of Florida (a Gloucester native). Here are a few samples — there are many more on the Blue Shutters blog and our Facebook page.

Tony, Patty, Ed and AnnMarie
Blue Shutters Beachside Inn
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Community Stuff

Gloucester Area Astronomy Club Xmas Party December 9th


The Gloucester Area Astronomy Club Xmas party meeting on December 9 will feature a talk by Sky & Telescope Magazine Editor-in-Chief Robert Naeye, a perennial favorite. There will be refreshments and the usual good time had by all. The public is warmly invited.
GAAC meets at St Paul Lutheran Church in Lanesville, at 8:00 pm on the second Friday of every month, to listen to presentations on astronomy. The church is located at 1123 Washington Street, Gloucester, MA.