The moon and other stuff rises tonight at 10:47PM

You could run out to Rockport and watch the moon rise tonight. But let it get up a little bit and the planet Mars gets up there too right next to the moon. Then think of the spaceship that is flying to Mars right now to gently deliver a one ton (that’s 2,000 freakin’ pounds) of machinery called the Curiosity Martian rover to the surface of Mars. It’s right there in front of you, just too small to see. But 233 days from now if it lands correctly (flip the coin on that one) it will be really cool.

All night long until dawn as you look at the moon, there is Mars. And between you and Mars is a little spaceship.

Shot In Gloucester- Letters to Annabelle Episode 2

On Annabelle’s 16th birthday she receives a letter from her father who has been missing for almost a year. Now mysterious strangers are after her and the only way to save herself is to discover who she really is.
This is part 2 of 5. Catch all the episodes as they premiere online throughout the month of December.
Watch Episode 1 here

INFO: LTA is a no-budget/non profit web series brought to you by Independent filmmakers from the New England area. The entire series was shot primarily in Gloucester, MA over the course of 5 days. It was shot on the Canon 5D Mark II and 60D.
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EPISODE 3 premieres Wed. Dec. 21st 2011

Discover Gloucester Award and Holiday Luncheon at Giuseppe on Main Street

Discover Gloucester lunch, yummy food, fun people, awards and positive attitudes.

Discover Gloucester as Linda Stockman was checking everyone in at Giuseppe

Linda Stockman welcoming the guest

Linn, Felicia, Tobin

Linn, Felicia, Tobin

December 14, 2011 035


December 14, 2011 021

Lenny laughing
Kay Ellis writes-

In case anyone is wondering, Discover Gloucester, the Destination Marketing Organization, held their Annual Meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2011 at Guiseppe’s Restaurant. Close to 40 members of the business community were on hand to see the presentation of awards to community volunteers who do more than their share to promote this island as a destination.

Special recognition was given to Louise Palazzola and her daughter Denise Foley for taking the winning photograph (a shot of the Schooner Ernestina and the Man at the Wheel) that was on this year’s Discover Gloucester Visitor Guide.

The Good on Ya! Award was given to two volunteers who dedicate an hour each Saturday to clean litter from Downtown Gloucester. Several years ago, they saw a need and jumped in with gloved hands and yellow trash bags. They have recruited helpers, but continue to volunteer picking up trash from streets and beaches as part of the “One Hour at a Time Gang. The honorees were Donna Ardizzoni from Circle Consulting and Bob Gillis from the Cape Ann Savings Bank.

The Golden Sou’wester Award, in memory of Harriet Webster and Peter Prybot, honors someone who recognizes how fishing and tourism feed off each other to create a more desirable destination. Joey Ciaramataro, aka Joey C., of Capt. Joe and Sons, creator of the Good Morning Gloucester blog and lover of all things Gloucester, was this year’s winner. Sista Felicia Ciaramataro Mohan accepted the award for her brother Joey, who was “down the wharf” and unable to attend.

The Discover Gloucester Heritage Award, in memory of Joe Garland, was given for understanding the importance of our maritime heritage and working to spread that history to others. In 2012, the 28th Annual Gloucester Schooner Festival will take place over Labor Day weekend. The Schooner Festival Committee was recognized for its work continuing the tradition of celebrating Gloucester’s maritime history. The award was presented to Daisy Nell, one of the founders of the Schooner Festival Committee in 1984 and the current Committee Chair.

The final award was given to the Volunteer Extraordinaire. Discover Gloucester’s Board of Directors surprised the Volunteer Executive Director, Linn Parisi with a gift for all her efforts. Five years ago, she recognized that a combined marketing effort could make things happen much more than individual businesses could. She stepped up to help Gloucester market herself as a destination, by organizing the DMO. Since then, Linn has worked tirelessly to help bring more people to Gloucester.

That’s it, in a large nutshell.

Question 5 ~ Extreme Truck & Auto $50 Gift Certificate Giveaway @ gimmesound

Kory brings you the FINAL QUESTION of the $50 Gift Certificate Giveaway presented by Sean Nolan of Extreme Truck & Auto and If you stuck with it all week, today should be a layup. Don’t forget to send us ALL of your answers by clicking the link underneath of todays video.  Good luck to all, it’s a great prize!

Check out tonight’s music lineup here.  Remember Lobstah Crackah Ballet and Holiday Delights have performance at 7pm.  Hope to see you all tonight.

Isabel Natti Tribute Day II

Isabel Natti in the doorway of The Sara Elizabeth Shop where she been created for decades.

I’m not sure how to express how fortunate I feel to have been able to capture the interviews with Isabel and document so much of what it is that makes our community special.

These videos belong in an archive somewhere.

Video 1- Isabel Natti At The Sara Elizabeth Shop

Video 2- Isabel Natti At The Sara Elizabeth Shop Part II

Video 3 Isabel Natti at The Sara Elizabeth Shop Part III




Isabel Natti Squid Factory Print At The Sara Elizabeth Shop




Isabel Natti Cape Ann Postcard At Alexandra’s Bread





Happy Holladaze Banditos!

What’s the Good Word?
OMG THATS SOME SIRIUS RADIO: We just know everyone we care about would want to hear that The Bandits spent last Sunday afternoon at Bang-A-Song Studios in Gloucester recording a live radio show for Sirius XM Satellite Radio. No, really. More info TBA.

MINI TOUR! Tomorrow, Friday, December 16 the BKs play the Plough and Stars in Cambridge with the guitar-iffic Brad Byrd; then on Saturday, December 17 Bandits Ann Marie and Dan King take a road trip up the line to Burlington, VT (they promised Flash they’d take her to the Ben & Jerry’s headquarters if she went with them…) where they’ll join Mr. Byrd at Radio Bean Coffeehouse (the place for those in the know, y’know?). Scroll down for times and more show info.

2ND ANNUAL MIGHTY FANCY NEW YEARSThe Bandit Kings and the BFs are hosting the Rhumbline’s NYE Party again this year and if the pictures from last year are any indication of how much friggen fun it was (cause we can’t remember it all for some reason), then this year is going to be EPIC.

BIGGER MINI TOUR! “Hello? Hi, this is Los Angeles calling, is this the Bandit Kings? Fantastic, well, we just rocked so hard with you last winter the entire state would like to make sure you all were coming back rull soon, like, say around January 18-22? Great we’ll see you there!”

BKS ON THE TEE VEE: Bandits Ann Marie and Dan King are on “the scene.” Local Music Scene with Allen Estes that is! Christmas Special! Check Channel 12 for times or see archived shows online here.

SPECIAL THANKS: Well. It’s been quite a month and we need to get a couple of thank you’s out there. You might already know that the BKs sophomore album, Epic Hello, was officially released on November 5, 2011. At the same time, the band’s pretty mugs were on the cover of the November issue of The Noise-Boston, and Mr. Tee Max, editor of the said Noise, made that happen (along with his awesome ladyfriend, Ann, who distributes the zine EVERWHARE!). Tee also co-sponsored the Gloucester Epic Hello CD Release Party along with big music supporters Peter and Vicki Van Ness at Gimmesound. What you might not know is that It is because of our photographically inclined den mother Louise Welch that The Noise even knows we exist, and because of a remarkably well written article by Mrs. Samantha Goddess that the Bandit Kings came off sounding like a grown-up band with real instruments. THANK YOU. From the bottom of our lungs, THANK YOU.


Recent Press

Boston Band Crush crushes on title song from new album, Epic Hello: “...They seem to have an innate understanding between them, like someone you will let wander off at a store/party/show and don’t worry about finding…” Read the full article here

The Noise-Boston features awesome review of full album in the Decemeber issue: “…The title track “Epic Hello” stands by itself as a soothing, sad, emotional journey of desire with a matching melody that is rarely stumbled upon by any rock ’n’ roll musicians.” Read the review here


Coming up

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Bandit Kings and Brad Byrd 

Plough and Stars, Cambridge, MA 

Plough and Stars

Doors at 9, $5

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bandit Kings, Brad Byrd, Astrocat, and more 

Radio Bean Coffeehouse

Burlington, VT 

Radio Bean 

7:30pm, free

Saturday, December 31, 2011 

The Rhumbline’s second annual 

Mighty Fancy New Years Eve Party 

with the Bandit Kings and the BFs! 

Gloucester, MA

The Rhumbline

9pm, $10

Thursday, January 19 

Molly Malones

Los Angeles



More LA info coming soon!



Bandit Kings merchandise is now being regularly circulated at shows. T-shirts, pins, and CDs can be mailed to you for the holidays if you email us here at with your name and address. 

Epic Hello is available all your favorite online retailers: CDBaby &  iTunes & Amazon



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You can also download or purchase hard copies of Precious Stones and Live in Los Angeles at iTunes & CDBaby Amazon


The Bandit Kings are:
Renee Dupuis on lead vocals and keys, Ann Marie, also on lead vocals, Dennis Monagle on drums, Joe Cardoza on bass, and Dan King on lead guitar. The Bandit Kings’ play original tunes written by the band members and hot b-sides by classic artists for longer shows. They have found bare-bones musical chemistry, including the rich meld of vocalists Ann Marie and Dupuis, who “both have voices that bring us back to the dawn of country rock, whisky soaked and raspy in just the right places while never crossing into the overpowering. The song is a rare treat that could have been tossed aside as a boring anachronism in less capable hands.” -Boston Band Crush

Lanes Cove Fish Shack Poster–2011 From Les Bartlett

The 2011 Lanes Cove Poster is available. It retails for $25.00 with $5.00 donated back to the Fund Raising for the Lanes Cove Fish Shack.
Here is what it looks like: the images span from 1880 up to last December’s Nor’easter which ripped a hole in the Breakwater.
The poster measures 12 inches by 18 inches, printed on high gloss paper. I am printing on demand. (Note: free shipping in US)

Please e-mail Les Bartlett at or call him on his cell at 978-325-2965


What’s a Gloucester Christmas tree without a ship or two?

Some nautical decorations are necessary on a Christmas tree in a city like Gloucester, so I made these for my tree (which only has origami decorations).

Models designed by Martin Wall (rear ship) and Patricia Crawford (front ship),  and folded by me, each from one uncut sheet of 5″ square tissue foil.

Any other Cape Ann origami folders out there? Comment on this post if you’d like to get together to fold from time to time! Maybe we could start a Cape Ann origami group.  I’m willing to teach.

Last day to mail order calendars for Christmas

Just a quick reminder that today is the last day to order the wall and desk calendars if you want them mailed in time for Christmas. Another batch of wall calendars were just printed at Seaside Graphics. They’re selling out fast, so get yours soon!

Click here to order.

Thanks!       ~Sharon

Crazy? Yeah We Got That. Snoop Maddie Mad On the Cover of Cape Ann Magazine

I’ve been getting emails from all over the country ( I didn’t realize how many people get Cape Ann Magazine delivered to addresses out of state) in regards to Snoop Mad being on the cover.  They all say how cute she is and all but what they don’t know is the level of crazy I’m dealing with.  Check out this video of this conversation we had yesterday.MadelineCapeannmagazine

Desi Smith came by the house and did a fantastic job shooting for the article. Desi also does some portraiture work you can check out his site here

Community Stuff Friday



Happy Holidays,

On behalf of the International Dory Racing Committee, I would like to thank all of our members and contributors for helping to make 2011 a successful year for us.  It takes a lot of volunteers and financial contributions to keep this 60 year tradition alive and well.  I am thankful for the efforts you have made and look forward to even more help in the coming year!  Best wishes to all of you for a happy and healthy 2012.

I would also like to invite you to join the IDRC next Wednesday, December 21st at Jalepenos Restaurant on Main Street in downtown Gloucester (sorry the date was wrong in the last email).  What could be better than good food, drinks and holiday cheer with your friends from the Dory Committee?  (Some of the night’s profits will be donated to our organization!)  I am sure we can also find time to share some rowing stories at the bar!

See you next Wednesday!





Cape Ann YMCA 21+ League Report


The 21+ Basketball League at the Cape Ann YMCA is off to a great start. Every Wednesday starting at 6:30 teams from around Cape Ann square off in a battle of athletics. We welcome you to come watch each week to watch !

Scores from 12/14/11

Rockport Mortgage- 52  vs. Fleet Machine 48

Stone’s Pub 49 vs. Robert’s Catering 76

Espressos 52 vs. Roy Moore Lobster 91

Standings as of 12/15/11

Roberts Catering              3-0

Rockport Mortgage         3-0

Fleet Machine                   2-1

Roy Moore                         1-2

Expressos                            0-3

Stones Pub                         0-3