A $100 Gift Card To The Azorean Restaurant For The 4000th Subscriber


The Fabulous and effervescent Terry Weber has donated a $100 Gift Card to the Arzorean Restaurant for use in a Good Morning Gloucester Game.

Always looking for win/win situations I’ve come up with a contest in which our 4000th good Morning Gloucester  subscriber will be the owner of said card.

It’s easy to subscribe and get the GMG daily postings in your email.  All you need to do is click here enter your email and confirm it once the service sends you the confirmation email back to the email address you’ve provided.

Here’s the link to subscribe to GoodMorningGloucester


We are down to the last two days to Vote for GMG as CBS Boston’s Most Valuable Blogger In The Miscellaneous category.  If you feel we are worthy- Click here to vote

So send this to your friends and relatives and let them know about the best damn site around, have them subscribe and potentially have them take you out for dinner if they win! Smile

Thanks Terry

The rules-

No double subscriptions from the same email addresses (I’ll check IP addresses)

Winner must come to pick up the Gift Card here at the dock.

10 thoughts on “A $100 Gift Card To The Azorean Restaurant For The 4000th Subscriber

  1. From wikipedia:
    Effervescence is the escape of gas from an aqueous solution and the foaming or fizzing that results from a release of the gas.[1] An everyday example is seen in carbonated beverages such as soft drinks. The visible bubbles are produced by effervescence from the dissolved gas (which itself is not visible in the liquid solution). MORE AT; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Effervescence



    1. Paul, I am a little frightened that you and I may think alike–especially since I think I called you ‘perverted’ in an earlier comment… Yesterday when I read Joey’s post, I looked up the word effervescent in the dictionary. I had a good laugh at the possible meanings. I was too tired last night to respond and you beat me to it. I can only say two things: First, I think Joey was trying to use the ‘word of the day’ in a sentence, and second, my guess is that he is way more effervescent than me! 🙂


  2. but in terms of urban slang, effervescent means showing or full of good spirits…lively or effusive…hopefully this is an apt way paint Terry…


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