Bob and Dave Featured on The Cover Of “I Love My Bike” Book


Bob and Dave have moved their eclectic vintage stuff and classic bike shop to the bottom floor of the Beacon Marine Basin.

While visiting Bob and Dave Bob let me know they were featured on the cover of the “I Love My Bike Book”  that’s them in the bottom right portion of the cover posing at the Eastern Point Lighthouse-

Here is a little about the “I Love My Bike” book from it’s authors on it’s website

Matt and I love everything about bicycles. Our excitement for all things cycling is only surpassed by the great friends that we have met along the way. It is with this sentiment that we set out on a journey to find people with strong bonds to their bikes and cycling community to be a part of a photo book.

Last fall, we began photographing our cycling friends around Boston, and taking short treks to New Hampshire, New York City, and Philadelphia to track down people riding their bikes. We met so many great people on these first trips. Almost everyone we stopped and asked to be photographed with his or her bicycle answered, “I love my bike!” Every person that we shot gave us the names of at least two of their cycling-obsessed friends that we should include in the book, and before we knew it, we started getting more emails than we could handle from bicycle-lovers all over the world.

With the help of friends, old and new, and some very gracious sponsors, The Ace Hotel, Open Bicycle, and Print Brigade, we have been fortunate enough to have the means to travel to big cities and little towns to find fellow purveyors of humankind’s greatest invention: the bicycle.

Along our travels, Matt and I have had the tremendous pleasure of being in the company of so many people of great importance to their respective cycling cultures—many of whom are our personal heroes– but they stand side by side with a community of people who are, quite simply, bicycle enthusiasts like us.

The book that we are creating is not about a singular style of bike or type of cycling, but rather about all of us in a grand kinship of bicycles. We want to capture the strength, will power, and grit as well as the creativity, sense of humor, and whimsy of riding a bike.

Matt and I have had so much fun meeting cyclists of all ages and backgrounds, and also taking in a few solitary moments with the landscape of the places we have traveled to. Our sincerest thanks to all of the bicycling folks that we have met along the way.

If anyone is interested in being a part of the book, we would love to meet or go for a ride!

Brittain and Matt



Here is a video about the project featuring it’s authors.

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