MY RANT!!! I’m allowed


Let me start by saying, “I Love Joey” Not in a alternative lifestyle way. Which in my opinnion there is nothing alternative OR WRONG ABOUT THAT AT ALL. I’m a big fan of George Takei from Star Trek too. I’ve only been officially part of GMG for almost 1 1/2 years now. I thought this blog thing (GMG) would’ve died out by now. Now I feel obligated to post everyday or as often as my mind will allow. I’m not a socially active soul. I haven’t met many people who read GMG everyday. I don’t let too many people in on that I post for GMG. I don’t go to too many GMG social events. The Few that I have met all tell me what a great job we do for this Community. I usually respond by telling them it’s all Joey’s doing. I really don’t think to much about the “community” when I post. I just post Some Photos of the Area, a little art stuff and some wise ass stuff I hope will get Joey some Shit. So far I haven’t succeeded in taking this Blog down yet, But I’m still working on it. Joey, being one of the most outgoing guys I know can’t understand how I can be so socially introverted and I can’t understand how he can be so outgoing and out front. Maybe we make the perfect couple.

But anyways, I get a call from him the other night. He tells me he wants me to be a part of a Big event coming up around May 20th. I told him to think again. So he trys to lay a guilt trip on me on how I never support him in this type of event. For Joey it’s an awesome thing, for me it’s a Gut and Mind Turning thought. I even find it hard just thinking about it now that I wanna Puke! So I told him to bring a carboard cut out of myself to the event and it would probably do a better job. But, Like any other couple Joey and I have had some disagreements. It usually ends up like the animated video in this post.

Now I’ll get to the reason for this long winded and bad grammar ridden post. Just because I can’t handle crowds or accept any kind of recgonition does’nt mean I don’t support the guy. I DO! I just do it in a different way than most. Like my favorite photoshop altered photos of Joey sitting on a toilet or posting whatever crap I can when he needs it while he’s on his 7th week of Vacation. That’s the way I support him. I love you Joey C. (Many people say it. but I truly mean it!) I would have never have gotten my Name out there as much as I have without GMG. Even if there are about ten Paul Frontieros in this town. Also, I will now also apologise to the other Paul Frontiero’s If you have ever been confused with me, Please forgive me. If you see Joey please tell him what a great job he’s doing! and leave me out of it! This GMG thing is probably the best thing that’s happened to me since returning to my Home Port about 6 years ago. But you will probably never meet me. I mean no disrespect. OK! End of Post, The Bruins are on! GO B’S!!!!


George Takei and his Husband Brad

11 thoughts on “MY RANT!!! I’m allowed

  1. Great post, Paul. 1) I’m a big believer in the Online Rant. 2) Don’t let Joey intimidate you into schmoozing. Although if there is food involved, you might be sorry you didn’t go to the event on May 20th. Your posts, however disgusting and/or infrequent, are always great and we love reading them.


    1. Thanks!
      Disgusting? That’s a harsh word.
      But I’ll take your comment as a compliment. I guess. 🙂
      I’m not at a foodie at all! Give me some Hormel Chili and some instant rice and I’m in heaven! BUT… Joey took me to Glory’s Spanish restaurant twice while I was laid up and that place is AWESOME! Great Food at a great price. you can’t Beat it!
      Thanks Again! I think


      1. Forget about the instant rice Paul and go get a rice cooker. A 40lb bag of Calrose rice is only $17.00 at Costco. I thought disgusting is pig latin for distinguished.


  2. We need more of these. if anyone wants to create one of those animated videos using the site Paulie used picturing what you think the interactions that go behind the scenes at GMG go to this link, make one and send me the url and we will host it (so long as it fit’s GMG’s strict no politics guidelines)


  3. Oh my gosh,
    I was laughing so hard watching the video I almost pied my pants! This sounded like a real Joey convo, especially the turd comment.


  4. Paul, your rants are never disgusting. Not to me. I love all your comments. Oh, and by the way, I love Hormel Chilie with beans. Just bought a can yeaterday. Good with hot dogs. Love ya Paul. O.K. People, stop it, I don’t mean that kind of love. The guys married for heaven sake. GOOD GRIEF!!!…LOL…


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