Auction for International Practice Dory

Erik Dombrowski writes-

Ladies and Gentlemen:

With the introduction of our new race boats on Friday, May 13th (6 PM at the Heritage Center …mark your calendar) the dory committee will be auctioning off the old practice boat that is in the water at the town landing.  We do not have the space or the desire to maintain 9 or 10 boats, so we are going to sell the best old boat to the highest bidder in a closed bid via email.  The winner of the bidding will be announced at the sign-ups for eliminations on Friday June 3rd (6 PM at the town landing) so please submit your bid soon simply by replying to this email if you intend to purchase this dory.  Geno Mondello has opened the bidding at $500.00.

Good luck!

IDRC Board of Directors

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