Annual Easter Peeps Battle

OK, you’ve pigged out on the chocolate bunnies and the jelly beans and the sugar rush is peaking. What to do? Mom has the ham ready and is out in the garden on this beautiful
day finishing her coffee. It’s time to sneak into the kitchen and get some use out of those peeps. You can’t eat them raw, they need to be fluffed up in the microwave. Time for the Annual Easter Peeps Battle.

1) Select four sturdy Peeps, two per color. (You can add a whole regiment but only in new construction with wiring up to code.)

2) Four toothpicks or cut some wooden skewers down to jousting length.

3) Arrange on a plate. You can dress your Peeps up. Waterloo, French and British complete with Napoleon and the Duke of Wellington. Get creative. Add that fake grass and jellybeans for cannon balls. They may even blow up. Or Yankees vs Red Sox. Boston Bruins vs the Montreal Divers. Mine went commando today.

4) Place in center of microwave, select 30 seconds and hit start. Get really close because you don’t want to miss any of the action. They can get so enormous they press their little peep faces against the window. Package end peeps tend to expand lopsidedly and are good for flanking maneuvers.

Waterloo in 30 secondsYellow looks to be fadingAh, pink may have struck first but pink also attacked their own. Yellow wins 2011About ready to eatYes, from the GMG blimp this shot proves yellow wins.Oh, the humanity.

Brought to you by Good Morning Gloucester. Happy Easter.

Warning: If you do try this at home. There is a small window of time  wherein a fresh peep microwaved is quite tasty. Before that window the peep will sear your throat sending you to Addison Gilbert ER. After that window the peep will pull all your fillings out sending you to the dentist. That window is small. Test them out on your baby sister first.

Peep Art 2010

Peeps Get Big 2010

6 thoughts on “Annual Easter Peeps Battle

  1. I can’t imagine what we would’ve done growing up with a microwave. So much better to nuke peeps than to burn ’em under a magnifying glass. BTW love Paul’s alliteration. (Not to mention 4 words beginning with “m”. 😉


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