Common Tern delivering breakfast to its fledgling.

Here are a collection of recent photos of different species of shorebirds and songbirds gathering and migrating along Cape Ann beaches that Little Chick may encounter on his journey south.

During the spring breeding season Piping Plover mating adults chase all other birds out of their territory, from the largest Black-backed Gull to the tiniest Song Sparrow. At this time of year, during the summer southward migration, you’ll often see PiPl feeding alongside other PiPl, as well as with Semipalmated Plovers, Black-bellied Plovers, Killdeers, peeps, terns, and gulls.

Ruddy Turnstones

Ruddy Turnstones Photobombed

Common Tern fledgling squawking for breakfast.

Won’t someone, anyone, please, please feed me! Unlike Piping Plover chicks, Common Tern chicks cannot feed themselves at birth. Common Tern chicks can walk and swim, but it will be many weeks before they learn to fish.

Tree Swallows massing, foraging in dunes rich with insects and berries.

Bonaparte’s Gulls


Compare Common Tern in the foreground to Bonaparte’s Gull in the background. Both have red-orange legs and feet and both are black-headed. The easiest way to differentiate when on the beach is the Common Tern’s bill is orange; the Bonaparte’s Gull’s bill is black. 


Least Sandpipers are the smallest of peeps. Note how beautifully camouflaged are they in the drying seaweed at the high tide line.

Daybreak and early morning are often the most beautiful time of day to see wildlife.

Peeps Poll

Annually for the past nine years, the Washington Post has sponsored a Peeps Diorama competition, made with marshmallow peeps. This year’s PEEPles choice award went to “Peepalize It” created by Michael Romanyshyn.


The dioramas are oftentimes politically satirical and ripped from the headlines. This year one of the finalists included “White House Trespeepers,” highlighting the theme of government incompetence specifically as it relates to embarrassing incidents involving the Secret Service.


Images courtesy Google image search.

Sista Felicia’s Peeps Easter Egg Surprise




Sista Felicia’s Peeps Easter Egg Surprise

Time to start preparing sweet treats for Easter. Last year this recipe was created and posted on Sista’s Dish after being inspired by my favorite childhood Italian traditional Easter candy while shopping at Scalafini Bakery here in Gloucester. Its a fun recipe to make with kids and adults of all ages.

italian candy easter egg scalafini

Click Read more for Step-by-Step Recipe and photos

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GMG FOB Shares Marshmallow Peeps Photos!




gmg marshmello peeps

Melissa Hutt Pierce Writes~ Everyone who loves Peeps wants S’More!!!  

peep kid 1

Sista Felicia~ I  S’More Agree !!!

kid 5

Sista Felicia ~ Love the idea of caramelizing the peeps …yummy! Thank you for sharing your Peeps photos and ideas!

Check out this Fun, Quick & Easy Peeps Chick Sugar Cookie I made for my nieces Friday night… they loved them!

peep post gmg my chick cookie

Send us your Peeps Ideas & Photos!

Annual Easter Peeps Battle

OK, you’ve pigged out on the chocolate bunnies and the jelly beans and the sugar rush is peaking. What to do? Mom has the ham ready and is out in the garden on this beautiful
day finishing her coffee. It’s time to sneak into the kitchen and get some use out of those peeps. You can’t eat them raw, they need to be fluffed up in the microwave. Time for the Annual Easter Peeps Battle.

1) Select four sturdy Peeps, two per color. (You can add a whole regiment but only in new construction with wiring up to code.)

2) Four toothpicks or cut some wooden skewers down to jousting length.

3) Arrange on a plate. You can dress your Peeps up. Waterloo, French and British complete with Napoleon and the Duke of Wellington. Get creative. Add that fake grass and jellybeans for cannon balls. They may even blow up. Or Yankees vs Red Sox. Boston Bruins vs the Montreal Divers. Mine went commando today.

4) Place in center of microwave, select 30 seconds and hit start. Get really close because you don’t want to miss any of the action. They can get so enormous they press their little peep faces against the window. Package end peeps tend to expand lopsidedly and are good for flanking maneuvers.

Waterloo in 30 secondsYellow looks to be fadingAh, pink may have struck first but pink also attacked their own. Yellow wins 2011About ready to eatYes, from the GMG blimp this shot proves yellow wins.Oh, the humanity.

Brought to you by Good Morning Gloucester. Happy Easter.

Warning: If you do try this at home. There is a small window of time  wherein a fresh peep microwaved is quite tasty. Before that window the peep will sear your throat sending you to Addison Gilbert ER. After that window the peep will pull all your fillings out sending you to the dentist. That window is small. Test them out on your baby sister first.

Peep Art 2010

Peeps Get Big 2010

GMG Kid’s Art Project

Since my daughter at thirteen often tells me to grow up I consider my entering some art in the GMG Kid’s Art Project not entirely out of bounds. You might give me grief recycling Peeps in my art project but peeps are the gift that just keeps on giving. OK, trying to fill my 2PM slot each day I am totally tapped. So I took a magic marker and …

But wait there’s more. I also purchased Hipstamatic which Sharon mentioned as a cool tool for the iPhone. So I am combining GMG Art Project, GMG Recommendations for software, and some wicked stale peeps which have now been recycled so many times they are almost environmentally sound. Actually, I have them soaking in the sink and I might have to use my new Ingersoll Rand 121 Super Duty Air Hammer to get my plate back so not sure how environmentally sound they are. I might have to hide them in my trash bag at the Rockport Dump or they are going to charge me twenty bucks for commercial concrete disposal. I don’t even want to think about fire hazard or waiting until hazardous waste day to unload my peeps. If that happens they are going back up on the wall.

ps. I mentioned in an earlier post to get down to Shaws on Eastern Ave for a fire sale on post Easter Peeps but I was too late. They have replaced all things Easter with Boogie Boards, diving masks and snorkels in that last aisle across from the milk. They did have some chocolate peeps in the discard shopping carts in the middle of the aisle but someone had already scored the last of the marshmallow peeps. (Fess up.) So I combine a “Signs of Spring” of Boogie boards at Shaws. (Don’t worry I am making a list and will recycle all signs of spring once Rockport puts Mr and Mrs Bathroom sign up at the Info booth which is my sign of the end of spring beginning of summer.)


Come to think of it I am going to do one more burn of brush before the May 1 deadline. My brush pile is a tad damp. Do you think I could use my Plate O’ Peeps as a fire starter? If you hear the fire horns this Saturday you might know why.

Peep Art II

I bet you thought I was kidding. But no, I have my Peep Art on the wall.

Here is a straight iPhone shot of it this morning:

You can tell where my daughter and I have interacted with the art by twisting off two of the peep’s heads before it all turned to stone.

A more arty shot with some dry brush stroking in photoshop to cover up the missed focus on the iPhone:

I may have a showing at the Rockport Art Association later this summer. Depends on how moldy my art gets but that could be part of the show. A YouTube of how this thing ate my kitchen wall or my wife chucking it in the trash followed by my digging it out. The peeps that keep on peeping.

Easter Peeps and a Hundred Days

I’ve led a very sheltered life since I have never put Easter Peeps in a microwave before. I corrected this missing part of my life this Easter.

It’s true, they plump when you cook them. After about 30 seconds I thought I was going to have peep faces squished up against the door but they ran out of steam at about four times normal size.

I tried to get my daughter to pop one in her mouth right out of the microwave but she wasn’t falling for it. Here I am twisting one of the peeps head off. They are actually edible after waving. I let this plate sit overnight and it became as hard as a rock. I might be able to use microwaved peeps to plug a hole in my basement.

This plateful of peeps is so colorful I now have it hanging on a wall. Peep Art.

Changing Gears: Today marks one hundred days until the Blackburn Challenge My training regimen only allowed me to eat one peep.