Chickity Check It! Abby Ytzen’s Biomes Guidebook

From Abby’s Site


I am a hard working creative person from the midwest with a passion for design. As a designer and illustrator my work has a distinctive element of playful cleverness. I have a strong desire to connect art to the wider world around me and to use my skills as a designer to create work that is not only beautiful but will have a lasting impact on the hearts and minds of people. I believe design is a powerful tool in the language of our culture. As artists and designers we have a responsibility to the integrity of our visual influence. I believe good design communicates truth and draws people together in community.


One of Abby’s many projects was a cool Biomes Guidebook which she prides herself on because she feels that it speaks to young children as well as highly educated people that are familiar with Biomes. You can even check it out free.

Biomes Guildbook

Because education was a main goal of this exhibit, I created a 50 page guidebook with a poster pull out to accompany the biome illustration. Creating another level of depth, this guidebook contains detailed information about biomes and the animals that inhabit them, including conservation status information. As a summation of my research, this guidebook provides the visual and informational link both within my exhibit as well as across the art and science disciplines.

click the picture to check it out-


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