Did You Know (Spiritual Power)

Photo of Babson Boulder, Spiritual Power
Photo by E.J. Lefavour

That the grandest of the boulders that Roger Babson hired unemployed stonecutters to carve inspiring messages on is Spiritual Power? Babson knew, as do many people, that spiritual power resides in nature. A walk through the woods or along a deserted beach can calm even the most stressed or distraught person. In truth, spiritual power resides in everything, but it is when we can remove ourselves from the “issues” of life and be in the quiet, that answers can be found. It is often easiest to do this surrounded by the power and quiet of nature. Since coming here, many people have told me that Dogtown is a place to avoid, that bad things happen there, and people get lost in the woods. My sister and I got lost when we went on our trek, but we found our way back to the trail. Bad things can happen anywhere, but you don’t avoid the sea because people have drowned or been attacked by sharks there, or avoid the highway because people have been killed or injured in accidents there. Fear of something can ultimately be more dangerous than the thing we fear, because it cripples us and keeps us from experiencing the very thing that could set us free or provide the answers we seek. I could have heeded people’s warnings, made their fear my own, and not gone to Dogtown. I would have missed the magic of the place, finding and photographing the boulders, creating the Dogtown and Babson Boulders calendar, and being invited to give a talk at Babson College on Founder’s Day and have my photos included in their permanent art collection. Spiritual power exists all around us and is just waiting for us to listen to its still small voice.

E.J. Lefavour

7 thoughts on “Did You Know (Spiritual Power)

  1. Love Dogtown for mountain biking, hiking, and best of all, cross country skiing. The snow is perfect right now with tracks laid down.

    Here is an easy way to find the boulders: http://goo.gl/maps/JzLt
    That is a google map I made. I wish I remembered where I got the GPS coordinates for each rock so I could thank them.


  2. You are right on about fear, EJ. Lots of people profit by selling fear and so it is everywhere. Newspapers, politicians, TV shows, even the weatherman sells fear. The world is too wonderful a place to stay cowering inside. Feeling fear and going prudently forward anyway is a way to understanding the spiritual power we all have.


  3. Thanks for sharing your experience of our unique and mystical Dogtown.
    We consider ourselves lucky and grateful to have built our house on the edge of the Dogtown Road years ago. We are happy to be caretakers of our little piece of these beautiful woods. No fear. If you believe that spirits can leave an imprint on a physical place, we feel nothing but a sense of peace here. Thanks again and God Bless.


  4. I do believe that spirits can and do leave an energy imprint on a physical place, and have felt that energy very strongly in many places I have been and lived. Living on the edge of Dogtown Road and being able to readily experience it all times of year must be very special.


  5. Dogtown got a bad rap after a murder took place there in 1984 by a mentally disturbed local. I liked your line E.J., “You don’t avoid the sea because people have drowned.” There have been murders in Boston, but it hasn’t stopped me from enjoying what the city has to offer. “Life has to be lived.”


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