Saturday Morning 2015 Seine Boat Races: Photos from Elinor Teele

Hi Joey,
All race shots:
Fire Department Boat:
Police Department Boat:
Coast Guard Boat: 
If anyone has a relative on board the boat, they can email me for a full-resolution file:
Buona Fiesta!

Smithsonian Likes Gloucester Dories

Elinor Teele’s Photo Selected as Editor’s Pick in Smithsonian 10th Annual Photo Contest

Check it!

Gloucester Dories

Editors’ Pick from our ongoing 10th annual photo contest: October 12, 2012
Elinor Teele (Gloucester, MA); Photographed July 2011, Gloucester, MA

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Community Photos 6/28/12

Unitarian Universalist Church seen from McPherson Park – taken 7/9/10 Taken By Norman Barr

Norman writes-

I agree with Father Green, this is a beautiful site to view, from any angle!

Norm Barr


Elinor Teele- After The Storm



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Pinky Schooner Ardelle at Anchor Photos From Elinor Teele and Mike Dyer

Elinor Teele Photos-




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Mike Dyer Submits-

Hi Joey,

Never too much Ardelle right?  Here are a couple pix taken this morning in the Essex River.

Best, Mike Dyer


Seal at Lighthouse Beach Photos From Elinor Teele

My family and I discovered this visitor taking a bath at Lighthouse Beach.
Naturally we didn’t think it polite to disturb, so we headed for home, only to discover it had finished performing its Sunday ablutions and was moving on to dinner.
Sushi, we presume.

(We kept well away – pictures are taken with long lens)
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Freelance Copywriting, Fiction and Photography