St Lucia Gyro -Sadly Not Rabbit

Apparently They Aren’t Getting Edible Boston Here Do you get it?

4 thoughts on “St Lucia Gyro -Sadly Not Rabbit

  1. Hahaha! I think you should do a rabbit food event similar to the sunny D and rum, and invite the Rabbit! Get a local restaurant to prepare it and I bet you’ll like it! It has to be prepared well though.


    1. Man vs Rabbit! Outstanding idea! We could get Edible Boston to cover it! bring out a bunch of cute bunnies and have children pose with them before we slaughter them and skin them and make cute bunny fur hats for the kids! No waste!

      Beth, you are brilliant! I like the way you think kid 😉


      1. Hahah! So what bunnies shouldn’t be eaten because they are cute? You think your other food is ugly? Baby cows, chickens, sheep, and even some of those big-eyed fishies are awful cute before their food. However, poor lobsters, they should be safe…


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