Mercury and Venus in the morning

If you happen to be up as astronomical twilight begins at 5:30 AM you can catch Mercury rising before the sunrise at 7:14AM. 6:30AM might be a good time to see it. Finding bright Venus is easy. Then go left and down to find Mercury.

Fun Fact: Joey down in St Croix doesn’t have to go as far left. If he was on the equator Mercury would be straight below Venus.

5 thoughts on “Mercury and Venus in the morning

  1. Too overcast to see Mercury much less Uranus. I’ll be in pine woods tomorrow morning so won’t get another crack but any clear morning this week should give an opportunity to see Mercury. A pair of binoculars can be helpful. It’s not that big but once you find her she is obviously a planet.

    Picture. Just replace those buildings with Twin Lights or the Rockport breakwater.


  2. I’m more a wannabe amateur astronomer but my father was definitely one. Dragged us out of bed in the middle of the night to freeze while checking out the rings of Saturn or some conjunction of planets. He taught Astronomy merit badge in Boy Scouts which was the hardest one I earned. So when something like Mercury shows up like this I think of him and try to drag my kids out of bed to check it out.


  3. Neat. My Dad was an astronomer (as part of his job) which I guess is where I got my interest and appreciation for the sky. I might check out the amateur astronomy clubs around here sometime.


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