Jeff Schroeder Frees Rare Albino Lobster To Gloucester Harbor Video

Jeff Schroeder who just yesterday started his journey for CBS “Around The World For Free” had a choice- Eat The Lobster or Free The Lobster.  Two envelopes with two very different outcomes for the rare crustacean. If he chose to Free The Lobster he would have to walk the Greasy Pole In Gloucester Harbor.

For those of you wondering the fate of the extremely rare albino lobster that we had landed at our dock at Captain Joe and Sons in Gloucester Ma, watch to see what becomes of the rare crustacean.

Taping Of Around The World For Free With Former Amazing Race and Big Brother Contestant Jeff Schroeder

For the slide show of the albino lobster when it was landed click here-

Rare Albino Lobster Landed At Captain Joe and Sons Slide Show

Here is a video from the day it was landed-


4 thoughts on “Jeff Schroeder Frees Rare Albino Lobster To Gloucester Harbor Video

  1. this reminds me of all the movies where the character has to send the animal away for his own good and yells “Get out of here.” “I don’t want you around anymore.” the animal finally runs away and the camera zooms in as the character turns away with tears in his eyes.


  2. From Pavillion Beach that lobster has quite a gauntlet of lobster traps to run before he gets to open sea. Any bets on how many times he gets picked up? It’s still a one in a million lobster and not 1 in 125,000 if he gets picked up four times.


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