Chickity Check It! All Things New England Interview With Linda Greenlaw

Linda Greenlaw: Cowboy of the Sea

Linda Greenlaw

I shut the book and stared at the photos on the cover for a long while. Seaworthy by Linda Greenlaw. What was it about this woman’s face that penetrated through pulp and fiber like sunshine breaking through clouds? Something in the eyes maybe? Vibrant…Focused…Alive! Or perhaps it was the fully engaged smile. Persuasively charming, yet almost impish. Whatever it was, I’d just been consumed like bait on a hook by the ocean of fish that defines her world. And as only a great fisherman could do, she reeled me in with her stories of willingness,determination,  perseverance, and self discovery in good ‘ol fisherman fashion.
Standing 5’3" and 48 years old, there’s no doubt about it…Linda Greenlaw has guts and vitality. For nearly 30 years she has been a fierce competitor in one of the most dangerous professions in America: commercial fishing. She has earned the respect of her peers, is one of the few female captains in the U.S. and is, in fact, the only female swordfish captain in the States to date

For the rest of the story and interview with Linda click the link above

Thanks Jessica Layne for forwarding the story

2 thoughts on “Chickity Check It! All Things New England Interview With Linda Greenlaw

  1. Amazing. Thank you so very much Joey. And what an amazing interview. But then I guess I wouldn’t expect anything different from such an amazing women. Again, many thanks for the link & all.


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