2016 Fishermen’s Memorial Service

There was a respectful area set aside for the participants and families and incredible music. The poignant service made many cry.

Convening by the Legion and Anna Hyatt Huntington WW1 memorial, Joan of Arc, prior to the 2016 Fishermen’s Memorial Service procession.


Dad describing the procession
Large crowd up ahead at the Man at the Wheel, awaiting the procession
Distinguished master of ceremonies Barry Pett
©Pauline Bresnahan

20160827_171904Mayor Romeo-Theken sweeping gesture to the Fort, a heartfelt and knowing welcome

©Pauline Brenahan


Dignitaries including: Councilors Lundberg and Cox, Senator Tarr, Representative Ferrante
committee, family
family- sisters
Rapt crowd thinking of so many families then and now. (Councilor Lundberg’s beautiful family had me thinking about art –Homer, Dorothea Lange, and Morgan Faulds Pike Fishermens Wives)
And by sea
what a voice and talented musician. angels





©Pauline Bresnahan
©Pauline Bresnahan




I folded some of Pauline Bresnahan’s great photographs into my photos for this post. Thanks for sharing, Pauline, they’re beautiful! I may add in excerpts from Linda Greenlaw’s beautiful tribute – optimism and the program details.

You can search prior year GMG coverage like this David Cox one and many more.

Marty Luster’s 2016 video and audio brings you there.

The 2016 announcement and Gordon Parks 1943 photograph  from that year’s memorial service

Chickity Check It! All Things New England Interview With Linda Greenlaw

Linda Greenlaw: Cowboy of the Sea

Linda Greenlaw

I shut the book and stared at the photos on the cover for a long while. Seaworthy by Linda Greenlaw. What was it about this woman’s face that penetrated through pulp and fiber like sunshine breaking through clouds? Something in the eyes maybe? Vibrant…Focused…Alive! Or perhaps it was the fully engaged smile. Persuasively charming, yet almost impish. Whatever it was, I’d just been consumed like bait on a hook by the ocean of fish that defines her world. And as only a great fisherman could do, she reeled me in with her stories of willingness,determination,  perseverance, and self discovery in good ‘ol fisherman fashion.
Standing 5’3" and 48 years old, there’s no doubt about it…Linda Greenlaw has guts and vitality. For nearly 30 years she has been a fierce competitor in one of the most dangerous professions in America: commercial fishing. She has earned the respect of her peers, is one of the few female captains in the U.S. and is, in fact, the only female swordfish captain in the States to date

For the rest of the story and interview with Linda click the link above

Thanks Jessica Layne for forwarding the story

Linda Greenlaw Book Signing Pictures From Bob Cullen

Bob writes-

Joey, this was at the American Legion Hall on 7/15/10, sponsored by The Bookstore of Gloucester. Note in the 4th photo that I am holding Linda’s new book, Seaworthy, and she is holding my new 2011 Gloucester calendar; both are available at The Bookstore.



Linda Greelnlaw, reading from her new book - Seaworthy - she's back to being a swordfish captain

Linda Greenlaw at her book reading

Joan of Arc outside of the American Legion hall.

Bob with Linda Greenlaw's new book, and Linda with Bob's new 2011 Gloucester calendar.

Linda Greenlaw event this Thursday, 7/15 @ American Legion!

Hi Joey,
I’m sending this to you on behalf of Janice Severance, can you post something about the Linda
Greenlaw event sponsored by The Bookstore this Thursday, 7/15 at 7pm?  Due to the anticipated
interest, it is being held at the American Legion, 8 Washington Street.  There will be a table set
up with books available for purchase at the event, but folks can always stop by The Bookstore
anytime to pick up a book as well.  Linda’s funny and engaging stories are sure to please the crowd,
as always.  This should be a huge event for the city that put her on the map with The Hungry Ocean.
July 15, 2010 | 07:00 PM
Sponsored by: THE BOOKSTORE
Held at:          American Legion, 8 Washington Street
Reading, Q&A, signing
To purchase a book prior to the event or ask questions:
The Bookstore
61 Main Street
Gloucester, MA 01930
The bestselling author’s sequel to The Hungry Ocean–a fast- paced account of her return to
Linda Greenlaw hadn’t been bluewater fishing for ten years- not since the events chronicled in the
books The Perfect Storm and The Hungry Ocean-but when her lobster traps aren’t paying off, her
truck is on its last gasp, and the bills are piling up, she decides to take a friend up on his
offer and captain a boat for a season of swordfishing. A decade older, and with family
responsibilities, she’s a different person heading out to sea, but any reluctance is quickly
tempered by the magnetic lure of adventure. And the adventures begin almost immediately: The ship
turns out to be rusty and ancient, and even with a crew of four Greenlaw is faced with technical
challenges. There are the expected complexities of longline fishing and the nuances of reading the
weather. Her greatest challenge, however, comes when the boat’s lines inadvertently drift into
Canadian waters and Greenlaw is thrown in jail.
Capturing the moment-by-moment details of her journey, Greenlaw tells a story about human nature
and the nature around us, about learning what can be controlled and when to let fate step in.
Seaworthy is a compelling narrative about a person setting her own terms and finding her true self
between land and water.
Thanks and hope to see you at Sugar Mags again for the Block Party this Saturday night!
Jenn Cullen (Missy’s cousin)


Linda Greenlaw – SeaWorthy (Captain in the Perfect Storm)

Linda Greenlaw speaks at Jabberwocky Book Store, Newburyport Mass. and promotes her new Book Se Worthy.

In the following videos Linda talks about her personal life, her new book Seaworthy. She also talks bout life after the Perfect Storm and her experiences at sea. She is also on a reality show which airs on Discovery Channel.

Enjoy one or all the videos.

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZfaIe8TCp0

Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwNBi0FF9Xc

Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1PQ7J6rlr8

Part 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfaiwIbG4h0

Part 5: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEQo73nXgBo

Part 6: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHo1ffwKHOE

Part 7: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9XoXpWbCO0

Tom Ring In The Office

Here is Tom Ring sitting across from my desk here in the office.  Tom Fishes for Lou Williams aboard The Orin C but used to fish with Linda Greenlaw, the female skipper from the Perfect Storm.  Tom is one of the great storytellers on the Gloucester waterfront.  Every time he steps foot in the office you can be assured there will be a spectacle.

Tom Ring In The Office, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Here is a picture of Tom’s hand-

Fishermen Hands- Tom Ring, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Tom Ring Aboard The Orin C

Tom used to fish with Linda Greenlaw.  You can check out her website by clicking this text. He tells me that she is in the process of doing a show about swordfishing but the first trip they went out they ended up having to return to port broke down.

Tom Ring Aboard The Orin C, originally uploaded by captjoe06.