Powder House Hill Reservation

Powder House Hill Reservation in Manchester has a restored powder house from 1810, a nice view, lovely nature, and walking trails.

I loved the story that Manchester Historical Society Curator, John Huss, told about the day that the British came into the harbor and everyone trekked out to meet them with their one new shiny cannon. It was so exciting that all the towns-people came too see from all around. The British saw a swarm of people and feeling out-numbered rowed back to the boat. The townspeople rejoiced and trooped back into town in victory using the only ammunition they had that day in celebration. On the route back, they found their one shiny cannon-ball left behind at the side of the road. True of not, it’s a great story and even better with John’s embellishments and excellent story-telling abilities.

Click the photos for a larger slideshow or scroll for more photos:

Powder House and John Huss




Walking Trails

Vernal Pool


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