GloucesterCast Podcast With Guest Ed Collard and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 5/19/13

GloucesterCast Podcast With Guest Ed Collard and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped May 19th, 2013

click to listen-GloucesterCast With Guest Ed Collard and Host Joey Ciaramitaro taped May 19th, 2013

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Gloucester Harbor Two Hour Video Compressed to 90 Seconds From Famed Photographer Steve Borichevsky

Steves photography is up there with the best in G-Town, check out this cool video he made-


and after you’re done watching don’t forget to check out the rest of his blog-

Shooting My Universe

Steve Borichevsky Gives Some Insider Tips On How To Enjoy Cape Ann Winter Birding Weekend

You can check out Steve’s Blog at

For information on what to bring, what birds you may expect to see, and some rcommended reading click the video to hear an insider’s birding take on the Cape Ann Winter Birding Weekend-

Steve B Represents!

Steve Borichevsky who runs Shooting My Universe and who I consider one of the top photographers around stopped by yesterday to take a few pictures, help me with some of the settings on my new camera and grab one of the new GMG Stickas!  If you haven’t already subscribed to Steve’s Blog, do so here– you won’t be disappointed.

Steve took this self portrait using a remote control which you can see in his hand while he was applying one of the new GMG Stickas to his car.

Steve B Represents!, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Black Crowned Night Heron

This Black Crowned Night Heron was poking around outside the dock.  It’s one of the more unusaul birds that has been showing up more and more in the past few years.  I have no idea why we’ve suddenly gotten this influx of herons and egrets but it is interesting. 

Steve Borichevsky and Jim Barber are two local guys who go crazy for birds and take incredible pictures of them.  I wonder what it is about bird watching that gets those guys so riled up.  I’ll have to ask them if it’s the sighting of a rare bird, the challenge of photographing it or something else that fascinates them so.

Black Crowned Night Heron, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Chickity Check It!- Row Hard Or Row Home- Steve B’s Dory Races Slide Show

Click Steves Mug To Check Out Shooting My Universe
Click Steve's Mug To Check Out Shooting My Universe

Steve Borichevski, one of Gloucester’s finest photographers captured the elimination races at Niles Beach yesterday.  Even with the horrible picture taking conditions Steve captured the essence of the event

Check out his blog post and slide show by clicking this text

My video of scenes and interviews due at 8PM tonight.

Chickity Check It!- Steve Borichevsky Comes Down The Dock

Click here to check out ShootingMyUniverse
Click here to check out ShootingMyUniverse

Steve Borichevsky from Shooting My Universe stoopped by last weekend to interview yours truly.

Click the link below to check out the video

Watery Wednesday, Visiting a Lobster Pound

Black Crowned Night Heron

Over the past ten years or so we’ve seen a big time increase in the number of strange birds like this down and around the harbor.  I don’t know what to attribute it to but between the egrets, and herons and snowy owl, it’s becoming a bird lover’s paradise.  With my average camera I just didn’t have enough lens to capture this guy from the distance I was shooting with great clarity.  If you are a bird lover or wildlife lover you owe it to yourself to check out Steve Borichevsky’s Shooting My Universe and Jim Barber’s Jim B Media

These guys are pros with great equipment and steady hands to capture some incredible birding shots.

Black Crowned Night Heron, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

I’d Just Like To Say

We have a fantastic collection of local photogs with blogs.

Right now I’d say that Steve’s Shooting My Universe is my favorite.  I’m continually blown away by his images.  If you haven’t seen it, check it out by clicking on the highlighted text and subscribe, you can thank me later.

Chickity Check It- Shooting My Universe

Well it happened again last night.

Once again I am totally humbled by the photography skills of yet another Gloucester photographer. This time it was by a guy named Steve who runs Shooting My Universe. Steve has what I consider a must visit site with a fantastic layout for displaying photographs due to the large amount of screen space alotted to displaying pictures.

He does great work, go check it out and rediscover what a hack I am at all of this, LOL!

I don’t consider myself a real photographer, more of an observer who trys to get his point across with pictures. There are many times when I’ll put an out of focus picture up because it is part of a story I’m trying to relate to you, my reader. I’m not so vain to think I have anywhere near the photography skills of the guys that have taken classes or have been at it for years. I just click away and occasionally get lucky.

The blogging world is funny, when you start out you really would like to get your stuff out to as many people as possible so you send comments to other blogs with links back to your site and hopefully some of the other site’s readers will cross pollinate and come visit what you have going on. The blog owner who gets the comments has the option of approving them so they get posted or determining that they are too spammy and not approve them so they never see the light of day. My feeling is that if a site is worthy, and I think it will benefit the people that come check in here daily then I have no problem passing the link through and actually promoting the person’s work.

Anyway, go checkout Steve’s site, it’s great.