Winter fun- skating sledding surfing birding #GloucesterMA

Last day of January 2021 was a sunny one, cold enough for ponds and craggy coast puddles to freeze over.

photo caption- few scenes from Long Beach, Stage Fort Park, Buswell Pond, Fernwood Lake, Days Pond. No action at Le page


Ready set sled…almost! TOHP Burnham Library Essex MA

beautiful spot to sled Essex ma TOHP Burnham IMG_20180108_163434

TOHP BURNHAM LIBRARY, ESSEX, MA is sited upon another breathtaking Cape Ann landscape with an easy family slope for winter fun.

Great effort! Sweet son gave a proper push to mom, intending to hop aboard, while his older sister raced on.

running to catch up. Almost! Great push though sledding Essex MA


Lots of fun in our East Gloucester neighborhood after the first decent snowstorm of the season. Happy Snow Days

P.S. Sorry friends for the grainy photos, the sun had set beyond the hill.

North Shore Kid Wants You To Add To The Consummate Area Sledding List


Hey Joe,

We’re trying to compile a list of sledding hills around the North Shore here:

Can you think of any in your area?  If you or anybody else you know have some hidden gems, we’d love to hear about it! They can use this form:

A few hours on the Hill From Thom Falzorano

Joey,   With school being out and some restless boys at home my son Marcus and hid friend John convinced me to take them sledding, so here are a few shots of them at the hill.  As I was sitting there watching and listening to the fun and laughter, I could only wish I was 12 years old all over again.


click the pic for the slide show