I’m a guy that loves to travel as much as possible and here to tell you @SpiritAirlines is just as good and in some cases better than other major airlines

There. I said it.

I’ve flown Spirit five times now and more times than not I’ve flown in planes that are newer than the ones I’ve flown on Jet Blue, American or Delta.

The flights have all left on time, the flight attendants have been pleasant and the Boston terminal that they fly out of has great food options.

I used to look at Spirit as a last resort airline but now I’ll consider them equally when choosing flights with the other major carriers and base my decisions on direct flights/cost/times of travel.

I’ve had terrible delays on plenty of major airlines through the years, mostly because of weather and some because of mechanical issues.

The weather is the weather, you’re not going to change flight delays when there is terrible weather. I feel like Spirit when they were new were easy to blame for things out of their control and it became fashionable to blame the new airline even though it may have been incorrect to assign blame to them.

Anyway from my experience, I’d say if you are looking at flights and there’s with better times that work for you, I wouldn’t hesitate to book Spirit Airlines rather than take a less convenient or more expensive flight on a different major airline.


Joey Ciaramitaro

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