Sober October Has Been pretty Easy- Next Month No-Junk-Food November I’m Not So Sure Will Be As Simple.

Drew Hale, McCarthy, Sefathia, Alison Odoardi, Maggie Cahill, and Fay At Shore Nutrition have signed on for no-junk-food November so far. If you want to be added to the list let me know.

Drew has been asking me to define the list. Just like Sober October I want everyone to know however everyone wants to define it for themselves, have at it. I’m not the judge and jury by any means.

We’re taking a mulligan for Thanksgiving.

This is how I’m going to define it for myself though-

No chips, no nachos, no candy, no pizza, no french fries, no cake, no muffins, no brownies no subs, no breads, no pastry, no donuts, no ice cream, no soda, no fast food unless it’s a healthy fast food option.

Burgers- without the bun- ok. Burrito bowls without the tortilla- ok. Yogurt ok.

Any other suggestions for items to add to the list or take off?

I’m also going to ask local restaurants that want to participate to offer a healthy reasonably priced to-go option for a 11:45AM pick-up(maybe with day before ordering and payment so they can know how many to prepare ahead of time. Eric Lorden, Zach Sears, Missy Sallah Alex Hill Erina McWilliam-Lopez are you guys interested in doing an under $15 all-in healthy lunch bowl to go, each of you pick a day of the week and I’ll let people know to order the day before and it could be all ready for them to pick up?

Any other suggestions for items to add to the list or take off?

Who wants in?

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