Bike ride from Pacific to Atlantic ending at Good Harbor Beach 9/30

Good Morning Joey!

My friend Alicia lives in Gloucester.  Her parents retired to Thatcher Rd, and her siblings have all summered here.

Her brother Ted Donnelly has spent this summer biking across the US with his awesome wife, Karen. They started in Oregon dipping their front wheels in the Pacific and will finish at Good Harbor Beach, Gloucester approximately 9/30, to dip their front wheels in the Atlantic.

Walk around the new Studio Fresh mural on Cape Ann Chamber Awesome Gloucester Awesome Rockport

In partnership with Awesome Gloucester and Awesome Rockport, a new Studio Fresh commission has landed on Cape Ann. This mural wraps around the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce on Harbor Loop.

Statues Along the Way

Much like Pat D’s “Barns Along the Way” I like to capture statues that make places unique. One of my favorite is the Swordfish Harpooner that can be seen in the sand dunes in Menemsha Harbor on Martha’s Vineyard. It greeted us at 5:00 am on Saturday morning as my son and nephew rose early to go fishing on the jetty. Click on post for a few more photos.

You can read a bit about it here:

Slo-Mo Disintegration at Lane’s Cove

My eye caught this abandoned boat at Lane’s Cove last January. Weathered objects exude so much character and history that I find it to be irresistible imagery. But I’m a little sad that I’ve kept my eye on it throughout the year because the slow disappearance of this boat is disconcerting. Still beautiful and full of character though. These pictures were taken in January, May, July and September. I’ll be going back despite the heartbreak.

Restoring A Cast Iron Fish Fry Pan

Northeast BBQ

Steel Wool and elbow grease. Warm water, a little soap on the scouring pad and scrub scrub scrub til you get rid of the surface rust.

Once you get rid of all the surface rust rinse it out completely and dry with paper towels. Light spray with avocado oil or something with a high smoke point and into a 500 degree pre-heated oven to season. Make sure there’s just a light coating of oil.




Fits on a 22 inch Weber kettle with space to access the flip up grates to add coals on either side of the pan when it’s centered.

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