Mola Mola (Giant Sunfish) Images Captured this weekendBy Kelly heffernan and A Video Demonstration From A Korean Street vendor

Kelly Heffernan Photo
Kelly Heffernan Photo

This is the time of year we get photos f these fish sent into the blog as the Giant Sunfish are not seen all the time and when people come across them they recognize how different they are.

Also the subject of one of the funniest videos ever when a couple of Massholes documented their encounter with a “Baby Whale”

Schooner Festival –pat morss

Here’s my brief personal take on a successful Gloucester Labor Day Weekend Schooner Festival. Saturday eveing down on the docks before race day, and on Sunday the Parade of Sail out to the starting line, seeing the race at a distance from our house, and then sailing out on Troll to welcome some of the 27 schooners back into the harbor.

Schooners at Harbor Cove, downtown – seen from Ocean Alliance, Rocky Neck
And at Maritime Gloucester. Our Lady of the Voyage church beyond
Arbella and Adventure home docked at Maritime Gloucester
Downtown I4C2 dock. Ocean Alliance with schooners, beyond at left
Visiting the fleet by dory
Time to relax, on American Eagle (Camden, ME)
Sunset from the Jodfrey State Fish Pier (Fitz Henry Lane painting?)
Columbia (Panama City, FL) joining the Sunday parade to the starting line
Congested quarters during the race, out in the haze
Sailing out to greet Columbia on her return
Narwhal (Jamestown, RI), and Gloucester’s Arbella rounding Dog Bar breakwater
Gloucester’s Thomas E Lannon inside Eastern Point light
Along with Gloucester’s Adventure

Anna & James Eves “Cape Ann Sea Salt” Startup Named In Bloomberg Article

Hanna Kimberley Writes:

Sooooo very proud of my dear friend Aniko, whose new business was chosen to represent our great state of Massachusetts. And James, her husband, who brings in the water for Cape Ann Sea Salt! Whoot!

In March 2020, Anna Baglaneas-Eves and her husband, James Eves, launched a pandemic-proof venture: solar-powered sea salt. They collect ocean water in Rockport, filter it and evaporate it in a greenhouse in their backyard. “This is ocean-to-table,” she says. After growing sales 250% in 2021, they’re now expanding Cape Ann Sea Salt from farmers’ markets and online sales to restaurants and stores.

—Sarah Green Carmichael


A HUGE thank you to all my friends and family! Having your support through these years has kept me going through some of the hardest times imaginable for a small business. To anyone who has purchased from All Purpose Flowers in the last 4 years, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You’ve supported a dream, a family, and a small business, and that is so big! We are going on 4 years as of October 1st and wanted to celebrate by inviting anyone who can come to stop by and check out the shop in person, and enjoy some refreshments and sales! We’ll have 20% off everything in store, and subscription discounts, as well as pre registration promos on holiday goods (wreaths, thanksgiving centerpieces, kissing balls, etc.

Acting 101

September 2022- Mondays – Cape Ann YMCA sign up is open! Begins next week.

An introduction to the basics of professional acting taught by professional actress Heidi Dallin. Learn acting techniques, develop stage presence and build self-confidence through theatre games, pantomime, improvisation, public speaking, and storytelling!

Acting 101 is designed to provide young people an outlet to discover their creative potential through building self confidence, and developing communication and teamwork skills to use in their daily life as well as introducing them to skills necessary for professional theatre.

Ages: 6-12 years old. Mondays 4-6pm.

Barns Along the Byway In Washington State

While we were on our recent trip to the Pacific Northwest, Gloucester came to mind several times. We took a ride along the local scenic byway (which I recommend anytime you get the chance anywhere you are) and came upon this bucolic scene that I wanted to share. It’s called the San Juan Islands Scenic Byway and I recommend giving it a shot if you ever find yourself there.

There’s quite a bit of farmland in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island in Washington and it’s quite striking especially in cases where you can see the ocean nearby. Although this wasn’t the case here, I still found the scene worthy to share as a Barn Along the Byway.