Refuge from Hurricane Fiona — Pat Morss

There was a lot of cruise ship activity viewable from Gloucester yesterday (Friday) with Hurricane Fiona disrupting two of the prime NE coast itineraries – Bermuda and the Canadian Maritimes. “Maritime Traffic: Global Ship Tracking” ( is a great tool for seeing what’s going on. Following just the four ships sighted, Zaandam and Roald Amundsen docked in Boston Friday night. On Saturday morning Caribbean Princess (origin and destination shown as Boston, with no ETA???) and Norwegian Breakaway (destination NYC) headed around Cape Cod and were passing east of Nantucket. Queen Mary 2 is due in Boston from NYC this evening.

Here is yesterday’s activity of just the four visible from Eastern Point.

Norwegian Breakaway silhouetted in the Friday morning sun
Zaandam and Norwegian Breakaway, and Roald Amundsen coming from the south, converging on Boston
Caribbean Princess arrived from the north in the afternoon
She hung around and didn’t go into Boston. No room in the Inn?
Windy but safe conditions at Friday sunset

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