A true Gloucester waterfront legend, Erik Ronnberg, Jr., Cape Ann Museum, Marine Curator, is retiring.

My lifetime waterfront friend will be honored at a retirement celebration, Friday, September 30, 2022. All are welcome at the C.A.M. downtown campus, at 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Ron’s congratulatory letter to Erik follows: 

Dear Erik:


What wonderful news – your upcoming well-deserved retirement!  I am so happy for you, my lifelong waterfront friend. 

Just think, Erik, our association dates back to the 1940s.  You were a toddler in your dad’s rigging loft on John J. Burke’s Sherman B. Ruth’s outfitting wharf.  I was a frequent visitor to his rigging loft.

The year was 1947 and the brand-new scallop dragger “Bright Star” was in front of your father’s shop.  Recently launched from the Essex James yard, she was receiving your dad’s rigging.  F/V Bright Star was a beautiful vessel, and many years later, 2011, you would replicate it in a 30” model.  It’s this model, the Schooner Elsie, and the 1947 modern side trawler F/V Kingfisher, to name a few, that you have passionately recreated in model form that will forever serve as a tribute to Gloucester’s anchor industry history.  

To me, my dear friend, your professional model work, over a lifetime, on display at our own premier Cape Ann Museum,  as well as the nationally recognized Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C.,  speak volumes about your professional career and your many contributions to the history of our Gloucester over the years.

Your career-ending tenure as Marine Curator of our own C.A.M. is such a wonderful contribution, a book end, to a lifelong artistic journey…your legacy to our Cape Ann community.


Ron Gilson

Catching Up With the Neighbors — pat morss

Our wildlife remained active while we were distracted enjoying late summer.

Large swarms of swallows harvesting mosquitos
Getting recharged on the power lines
A lone Ruby-throated Hummingbird by the front door
Makeshift nest for feeding
A nursing Red Squirrel thankful for water during the drought
Seems a little late for this little Snapping Turtle
A pretty-patterned caterpillar rhythmically galloping across the road
Monarchs gathering for their multi-generational migration to Mexico
A pair of Wood Ducks visiting Niles Pond
Hank Heron (Great Blue) back in his/her tree, enjoying the rain
Young antlers
And adult antlers

Orchard Adventuring

It’s that time of year when it’s all about apples, pumpkins, cider and wine (of course) so it seems logical to make a stop at Russell Orchards in Ipswich. They are currently in full apple picking swing. Our daughter had never been apple picking (clearly there were gaps in her education) and Russell Orchards is a great spot to start! It’s very kid-friendly with farm animals and special treats inside the store. It’s also driver friendly as I noticed some outlets for electric vehicles. We took full advantage of the pumpkin displays, store treats and apple trees. I suggest you consider doing the same!

Healthy Aging

Cape Ann Wellness

Talking about aging can often be taboo but it really shouldn’t be- after all, 60 is the new 50!

Life expectancies have consistently increased since 1950 and only continue to do so as time goes on.

We are living longer and better in our golden years with an average age of 79 years old per the2022 Revision of World Population Prospectsand many of these older adults will decide toage in place in the comfort of their own home. Making the decision to age in place is critical toplanning for your futurejust like making the decision to reinvent yourself and being the best version of YOU is essential to your quality of life!

September is Healthy Aging Month and during this month we want to help you embrace your golden years because these truly can be the best years of your life!
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