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Ron Gilson Checks In From The Omega Protein Plant, in Reedville, VA

 A distant view of typical seiner, about 150′ long, carries a million pounds of menhaden (2 refrigerated fish holds).  Boats are powered with twin 12-cylinder D399s Caterpillar main propulsion.  On deck, under deck house, are four smaller CATS used for refrigeration and hydraulics.  (all facilities are air conditioned.)
Yours truly, in pilot house of F/V Smuggler’s Point; we toured, this past Saturday
Alleyway from engine room stern to bow, between refrigerated fish holds, (each carrying 500,000 lbs.).
 Tidelands, Reedville, VA, a fish carrier only, refrigerated capacity – 2 million lbs.
Take-out wharf scene.  This is a big operation with approx. 15 operating seiners.

The company owns 10 spotter planes that fly daily from its own company runway.

Reedville (17000s a sleepy southern town, residential only except for Omega plant.  There’s one seasonal neighborhood grocery store.  Nearest town with businesses and medical facilities is 40 miles away (Kilmarnock).  

I thought you would like a few particulars.

P.S. No shortage of  bait here!


Cape Ann Artisans Prepare to Welcome Fall Visitors!

Open Studios Announced for October 8-9

For the 39th year, the Cape Ann Artisans will open their doors to visitors and the community for the weekend of October 8-9 10AM-5PM.   The fall tour is the full tour that showcases fifteen (15) individual studios and sixteen (16) artisans.    A smaller group of artisans held a successful summer mini-tour in August.  

During the many months between the Spring and Fall tours, artisans are busy building their collections and moving their work outside the studio to different venues.   For many of the artisans, the Fall tour is a homecoming – a chance to reinvigorate the studio after taking work on the road for exhibits.  Artists look forward to visitors asking questions and finding out about new work and artistic directions.  Throughout the year, artisans contribute to the “From the Studio” blog found under the “News” tab on the website.   The blogs are a great way to keep up to date with the artisan happenings!   Here are some tidbits:

Sallie Strand spent the spring traveling from Denver back to Gloucester in a Sprinter van, she writes, “a chance to really reconnect with myself. The journey was very heart centered and I was surprised by all the hearts you can find in nature.”  Read more.

Marcie Rae prepares for each tour in a very methodical way!  She writes, “I check the nooks and crannies in my studio, looking for finished work, almost finished work, work that could be finished, mining the caches of what is possible.  And that’s when I get intrigued.” Read more.

Rebecca Nagle shares, “Materiality is ever prominent in my creative process and I often use it to define the why and how of a piece. What excites me is that through the material’s properties certain issues and challenges arise and as they are resolved they give a soulful birth to a body of work.”  Read More.

Sinikka Nogelo recently reflected on the intense heat of this past summer and how it impacted her: “As I look out from my screen porch where this spring’s glorious blooms have given way to drought, I hope the thirteen shrubs and trees I had planted to replace trees lost to winter moths all make it. I think about the film “Kiss the Ground,” who showed how we could cool our planet by turning the Earth’s millions of acres of dust bowl into vibrant green. And that’s the reason why my newest environmental paintings aren’t the blue of melting ice, or the red of fire, but are gloriously, optimistically, going green.”  Sinikka is also part of “Intersect,” the 2022 Outdoor Sculpture Show at Maudslay State Park from Sept.10th – to Oct. 2nd, 2022 in Newburyport.  Read More.

Jacqueline Ganim-DeFalco is looking forward to her upcoming featured Cape Ann ARTWaves episode, premiering September 18th where she has reflected on nearly twenty years of art-making with sea glass.

The tour is “self-guided” with 15 individual stops to visit with 16 artisans.  The CAA encourages visitors to do some advance planning to maximize their visit by using the Brochure with the map which is available at all the tourism outlets and online.    You will find brochures at the Cape Ann Chamber, North of Boston CVB on 95 South, Stage Ft. Park Visitors Center, local banks, and CAA partner locations.  The full group of studios is listed below by last name:

  1. John Abisamra, Fine Art Photography 
  2. David Archibald – Ceramic Arts – Porcelain & Stoneware
  3. Cynthia Curtis – Ceramic Arts – Stoneware
  4. Rob Diebboll – Painting – Oil & Watercolors 
  5. Jacqueline Ganim DeFalco – Sea Glass Wearable Art
  6. Deborah Gonet – Painting – Mixed Media
  7. Rebecca Anne Nagle – Painting and Mixed Media
  8. Sinikka Nogelo – Painting & Sculpture– Experimental Arts
  9. Melody Phaneuf – Painter
  10. Scott Place and Erin O’Sullivan – Ceramic Arts
  11. Marcie  Rae – Fine Jeweler
  12. Deb Schradieck – Painting–Oil & Watercolor
  13. Sallie Strand – Painting- Abstract
  14. Pam Stratton – Mosaics and Mixed Media
  15. Sara Wright – Fiber Arts- Handwoven & Knit Accessories

Together Gloucester News to Share!

Together Gloucester, Inc. (d/b/a We Are All In This Together Gloucester) would like to express our gratitude to 100 Women Who Care Cape Ann for choosing Together Gloucester, Inc. to receive an incredibly generous gift during their most recent giving cycle. We received a contribution in the amount of $12,679.89. The members of 100 Women Who Care Cape Ann each donate their own funds and they are collectively able to make an amazing impact in the lives of hundreds of community members by supporting non-profits like us.

Magnolia Community Farmers Market

Our Free Halloween Shop is back! Come raid our closet for a new or gently used costume. We will be open for browsing during the Magnolia Community Farmers Market 10am-12:30pm Sunday’s through October 9th.
Have costumes to donate? Pop on by during the Halloween Shop Hours.

Flying Horse Outdoor Art Exhibit at Pingree School

My boys typically play a fair amount of hockey at the rink at the Pingree School in Hamilton. The campus is beautiful and each fall you can take a tour around campus and see some pretty amazing art pieces located around the grounds. Here is just one piece that I photographed while visiting the geese at the pond before a game.

Learn more here: https://www.pingree.org/news-events/flying-horse-outdoor-sculpture-exhibit

A Fall Stroll Around Castle Hill at Crane Estate

Although we are barely past Labor Day and the weather is still warm, something changes in the light or the air or our attitudes when seasons are changing. Fall is approaching but summer isn’t ready to let go. It’s at this time of year that my mother’s birthday falls. Although she has been gone for 20 years now, her birthday is always a day of remembrance. I took some time to myself for a quiet stroll around the grounds at Castle Hill on the Crane Estate knowing it is something my mother would have enjoyed very much. Summer lingers there but autumn is knocking at the door. It’s free admission if you are a Trustees member, so maybe you can take a similar ride soon.

For additional details on this story and more photos, please go to Pat D’s Photos on Facebook.

Common Kitchen Problems – If you’re renovating your kitchen read this first

Cape Ann Home

Anti Tip Bracket Warning Label From Range

About your home from Jameson at Another Level Home Inspection LLC

Kitchens are an area of the home we spend a lot of time in. As a result, they are frequently updated and with most renovations the kitchen is part of changes that take place in a home. As a home inspector, I see some areas of the home that homeowners and non-professionals are more comfortable getting involved in and the kitchen falls into this category. It is with this in mind I thought it would be a good area of the home to write an article about the things I see installed wrong routinely. Every appliance and home certainly have their own nuances and I will not cover everything. There are also some exceptions to the items discussed, but I will just focus on most homes and average appliances.

Refrigerators– Besides…

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