Used My Free Birthday Month Entree On The serenitee Group’s Reward Card At Alchemy In Lynnfield Marketplace On This Outrageous Steak With Garlic Aoili

Have we not discussed how outrageous the Serenitee Reward card is? Just this week alone they loaded two free $10 rewards on the card to use on rainy days. Then you get a free entrée loaded on your card to use during your birthday month.

Absolutely tremendous value and it cost’s NOTHING to sign up. It’s literally all rewards for free!

Download the Serenitee Rewards App Today

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The Serenitee Rewards Card allows you earn points towards free food and experiences every time you dine at one of our restaurants. You earn 10 points for every dollar spent. All you have to do is check in using your Serenitee Rewards App or put your Rewards Card next to your credit card when you pay. Here are the standard rewards:

2,500 points = Free Appetizer, Salad or Dessert
3,500 points = Pizza, Sushi Roll or Sharing Platter
5,500 points = Free Entrée

But there’s more…

  • We also add surprises through the year. You might find a free appetizer show up on your card for The Spot Winchester, or lunch at 15 Walnut, or sushi at Opus. 
  • You always get a free entrée and dessert to celebrate your birthday month 
  • You can attend some of the special events and theme dinners that our restaurants host throughout the year for free with your points 
  • You can also redeem your points for Serenitee Bucks; click here for more info on Serenitee Bucks and other FAQs 

How Do I Become a Rewards Member?

Don’t want to worry about remembering your Rewards Card? The Serenitee Rewards App offers all the functionality of a Rewards Card and more! It is available to download for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

If you’re prefer a phyical Rewards Card, simply: 

  • Ask a server at any restaurant
  • Fill out this form & we’ll send you one

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