Here’s A Video Look Of Our Solo Stove Bonefire Smokeless Firepit and A $15 Off Discount Code To Use

While at our friend’s Chris and Marcy Plante house we discovered their awesome smokeless firepit- the Solo Stove Bonfire. It has a way where the inner chamber does a secondary burn so there isn’t any smoke (the main reason a lot of people don’t care for firepits is teh smoke that gets in their hair/clothes.

It’s all stainless steel and brilliantly designed.

Right now there are on super sale and on top of that once you buy one you can give referral codes for an extra $15 off on top of the super sale that they are having this weekend.-

Adventureman’s Book Now Available in the United States

I had ordered Adventureman Jamie MacDonald’s new book Running America as soon as it was released last spring but it hasn’t been available in the United States until this week. I had been looking forward to it but it was still a nice surprise to find it on my doorstep a few days ago. Of course, I immediately turned to the chapter regarding his time here in Gloucester in March 2019. And that brought up memories of that wonderful day on the boulevard. Congratulations Jamie! We still love you here across the pond in your sister city.Jamie thanks Good Morning Gloucester, Nichole Schrafft, Ray Johnson, Sheree Zizik, Mayor Romeo Theken, Cape Ann Motor Inn Loran Caputo and Brad Pierce, AND the Crow’s Nest crew!!! Obviously there were so many others instrumental in the success of this event for him and for the fund raising efforts on behalf of children’s hospitals and I am sorry I cannot name them all either but I hope you know we appreciate you all.

Fall Foliage Videos and Photos

Cape Ann Home

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Taking a week off from posting about Home Inspections to appreciate the beauty of fall. When I am not doing home inspections I enjoy photography and videography with my drone. Here is some footage from this fall. Enjoy!

Here is a link to the video! (only work on some platforms)

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Sicilian Diocese Bans Godparents

Who do you think your godfather is? I couldn’t help change up the title of a popular TV series when I heard that a Sicilian Diocese (Catania) put a 3 year ban on godparents due to the loss of spiritual significance of the role. Also at play apparently are concerns surrounding underworld influence. Here’s a link to some further information.

This makes a person go Hmmmmm…….! Did you know your godfather well? Were your godparents active in your life? Are you a godparent? What is the role of godparents today? Has this new ban played a role in your life today?

We are not Italian but my godfather was named George and I did not know him well. He was not active in my life except I do remember him visiting us once when I was young. I think he was a college chum of my father’s. He played no spiritual role in my life, but I would wish that children had other adults in their lives that they could turn to as needed. Quote from the movie “The Godfather”: “Italians have a little joke, that the world is so hard a man must have two fathers to look after him, that’s why they have godfathers.”

I’ll kind of miss scenes like this one if such a ban becomes effective closer to home:

Getty image

Grand Old Opry

I just spent a long weekend down in Nashville with seven friends. I’m so happy that we were able to fit in a trip to the Grand Old Opry. I happen to be a fan of country music, but even if you’re not, I think it is something that everyone would enjoy. The history, the stories, the tradition….it is pretty special. And, if you can watch the video that showcases some of the Opry’s members being surprised with the news of becoming a member and not get teary, we can’t be friends. Warm fuzzies for sure.

Here’s a short video that talks a bit about the tour:

River Cruise Around Essex Bay

I stumbled on the opportunity offered by The Trustees to cruise around Essex Bay in a pontoon boat at dusk and it sounded so intriguing that I signed right up! It is advertised as a sunset cruise, but the trip ends just a tad before that. Regardless, the trip is taken in the soft, beautiful light of late afternoon and I would high recommend it. Capt. Ted led the tour with a great deal of interesting tidbits about the wildlife and history of the immediate area, especially Choate Island (where the Daniel Day-Lewis version of “The Crucible” was filmed some years ago). you are instructed to meet in the parking lot for Crane Beach and then are shuttled across the road to the dock. There were 10 passenger, the captain and his mate which filled the pontoon to capacity. If you are interested, you should be aware that there is only one trip remaining this season for Oct 27. It was a lovely little ride and respite on a gorgeous fall afternoon so even if you can’t make it this season, let’s hope these trips are available next year as well.

How to Thrift Your Halloween Costume for an Unforgettable Look

Cape Ann Community

Second Glance’s Jackie Colussi Shares Tips and Tricks for Creating a Costume from Scratch

With pumpkins on doorsteps, falling leaves and a crisp breeze in the air, the time has come to start planning your annual Halloween costume.

For Jackie Colussi, shift leader at Second Glance, the thrift store of The Open Door, thrifting for Halloween costumes is a beloved tradition she maintained with her daughters as they grew up and enjoys to this day. She previously owned a business selling vintage items, and has a love of fashion that fuels, in part, her love of crafting an entirely unique costume.

“We always enjoyed thrift shopping anyway. When it was Halloween time, we took it as a personal challenge,” Colussi said. “We always wanted to come up with something unique and different, and something we created ourselves. It took time and imagination, and we had fun doing it.”

She says…

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